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SpellForce is a series of video games whose gameplay combines elements of strategy with turn-based battles and role-playing games. And now the owners of mobile devices have the opportunity to touch the classics, the project is called SpellForce: Heroes & Magic.

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic

SpellForce review

Your main task in this game will be to build a huge empire, which you will create on the global map, but all battles will take place step by step in separate locations. In addition to the storyline company, you will be able to test your strength in battle to the death. Excellent graphics and detailed units, as well as support for the Russian language will allow you to enjoy this masterpiece.

The appearance on mobile platforms of the representative of the franchise with a large army of fans ensures it the close attention of all those who have caught the exciting adventures in the previous parts. As well as those who simply adore quality and thoughtful entertainment of this genre. Choose your character race and go explore a huge fantasy world full of surprises, adventures and exciting battles.

SpellForce now on android 
Famous series of strategy games SpellForce finally moved to mobile platforms, preserving and absorbing all the best of the original. In this game you will have almost unlimited possibilities to create your own warlike empire, start your adventures with choosing one of three available races: Orcs, Humans and Dark Elves, each race opens the gameplay in its own way and gives you a completely new experience in this genre.

Start the game by creating a small settlement, hire brave warriors and go to conquer the vast randomly generated territories. Deploy troops to conquer cities, mines or farms, unlock new locations and find valuable treasures and resources, develop your settlements and train your fighters.

Immense Fantasy World
Explore a unique and elaborate world full of mystery and riddles, fight the enemy factions of six different races and earn a reputation, make alliances or go to war on neighboring settlements, the choice is entirely up to you! Engage in exciting turn-based battles in the spirit of classic games, prove yourself as a brilliant strategist and experience an unforgettable spirit of nostalgia.

What’s New:

  • Battle Mode: Fixed disbanding units when all slots are full
  • Battle Mode: Removed exploit where you could disband your hero
  • Battle Mode: The army power value is not stuck to 22 anymore
  • Battles: Fixed fireball crash
  • Battles: Fixed crash where 4 engaged units had a potential to crash
  • Map: Fixed border units getting replaced by Garrison after battle
  • Map: Fixed unit info for deployed garrison units

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  • SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Screenshot
  • SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Screenshot
  • SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Screenshot
  • SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Screenshot
  • SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Screenshot
  • SpellForce: Heroes & Magic Screenshot


Requirements: 4.1+

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