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Grandpa just left a bad shop to you, self-empowerment, okay, way to make money can be through the play blame, the sale of weapons, open boxes or hang up, etc., accumulated money and the opportunity to enter the amount of capital ranking. Game collection click or drag-planned play, easy travel play allows players to not be staring at the screen can also operate, in addition to the need to gather a variety of materials and forging to forging and smelting weapons, and material by magic animals, the markets, the game chest, where obtained, when the player challenges to higher number of layers will open more games feature the


The offline can continue to fight monsters
The game has an offline fighter, do not need to open the game can also be regularly on the line to harvest the fruit, there are multiple maps and monsters allows players to select the hanging location, the more strong the role of quality and equipment will be able to bring in more income.

Open more characters with summon monster
The game reached in the particular conditions will be able to unlock other characters, different roles have different special abilities ; to gather to a specific prop(monster card)can also be “summon monster” to become the player’s combat power! Go to the collection you see in the eye of the monster!!

Game evaluation and ranking
According to the game to complete the degree give the player the evaluation of forging achievement rate, a figure due to reach rate, reach the number of layers, etc., evaluated by a Level E~SS ; based on the evaluation or the amount of capital a “world ranking”, want to be famous just squeeze the go!

Infinite Rebirth and refining system
Not the strongest only the”stronger”, to achieve certain conditions can be carried out after the weapons refining and rebirth, to achieve a breakthrough skyline of hurt with no one to reach the number of layers ! !

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Requirements: 4.0.3+

Mod – (100 Mb)

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