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Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster review

Smart Game Booster Pro is a popular software from Chinese developers, which is designed to improve the performance of your personal computer. It will be especially relevant for gamers and just fans of digital entertainment, because this way they can play their favorite video games with even more convenience.

As for the capabilities of the program, it adapts video cards – AMD or NVIDIA, for heavy graphics work. In addition, it will be possible to control the coolers of the graphics card and CPU, which will be very useful in cases where you have overheated equipment.

The only thing is that the users won’t be able to use this digital product for free, because in order to get the full version of the software they will have to buy a special license key. However, with us you can easily and quickly download this program, with an already activated license.

Features of the application:

  • Increasing FPS in games;
  • Convenient cooler management;
  • Automatic mode;

Some settings can improve the performance of your PC, even if you don’t play any games, without any noticeable side effects. Many users prefer to avoid changing any registry settings manually, a rather dangerous value. Smart Game Booster can simplify this task, as it allows you to adjust various settings directly from an intuitive user interface, and offers helpful explanations for everything you want to change.

It’s worth noting that this software can record the temperature of the CPU, GPU and motherboard and then present this data as a real-time graph, you will know exactly the peak temperature. This information can be displayed in the game along with the current frame rate. Overall, the program is intuitive, it’s not bad, it can improve the performance of your computer while playing games, and it can help you make a number of system settings.

Users can download Smart Game Booster Pro on the active page by following the link to download the installation package.

Whats New

  • Added the support for overclocking the new series of AMD graphics cards
  • Added the setting of “Enable Windows Game Mode”
  • Added settings to change HUD text color
  • Expanded the database of “Can I Run It” to identify more new hardware and new games
  • Fixed known bugs

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Smart Game Booster settings

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License: ShareWare

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