Shooting League: Bounty Hunter 1.2.41 APK [Mod] [Full]

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Shooting League: Bounty Hunter – fascinating with its dynamics and variety of action features with cute graphics, vertical scrolling, Wild West setting, as well as random generation of events.

Shooting League: Bounty Hunter

Shooting League review

Players will not be too distracted by the plot and what is happening in the world, they will plunge into shootings with thugs, treasure hunting, the use of unique objects, as well as pumping his ward. That in time can become a legend of these edges due to its accuracy and performance. Well, convenient management will also contribute to this – no misses and other unfortunate troubles directly affect the success of each mission.

There are attractive graphics. Events are unfolding in the Wild West. The player can take control of an accurate shooter who is engaged in bounty hunting. The game has created a large number of levels, during which you will need to shoot criminals in different locations. During the passage you have to try to get away from the flow of enemy bullets and shoot yourself. Here you can improve the cowboy, look for treasure boxes, as well as powerful weapons. This game is sure to please fans of shooters.


  • Clear the stages on the vertical screen! The west is a hazardous place with rains of bullets and numerous traps. Just be careful and show your best moves to pass the stages with your own tempo!
  • Hundreds of combinations with miscellaneous skills like poison, bloodthirst, unlimited shots, passing through the wall, shadow clone and walk on water. Abundant treasure chests, interesting NPC, and enhanced skill loots always keep you entertained.
  • When you are all alone in the west, troubles are coming at you! Come and find the weapons and equipment that suit you the best. There are all kinds of well-designed machine guns and outfits for you to choose. Precious stones, enchant scrolls and special skills are waiting for you. Hit the road with a sidekick and a pet to help defend you!
  • Keep raising your power to unlock new adventures. Challenge the west to be a legendary marksman! You might even have a chance to win the favor of spiritual beauties!


  • Money

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Requirements: 4.1+

Download Shooting League: Bounty Hunter 1.2.41 APK [Mod] – (241.3 Mb)

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