Seven Time – Resizable Clock 1.6.7 APK [Pro] [Full]

Seven Time – Resizable Clock

Seven Time - Resizable Clock

Seven Time – Resizable Clock

Customize your phone or tablet screen with a cool resizable clock widget!


  • Original design – new designs made from sketch coming every two weeks!
  • Crisp shapes – no matter what device and screen size you have your clock will look perfect and sharp!
  • Battery-saving – code optimised to save your battery as much as possible – the widget stops once you turn off your screen!
  • Resizable – adjust the size of the clock for your screen!
  • Ajustable spacing between the clock numbers – make your clock look exactly like you want it!
  • Customizable colors – adjust the widget to match your wallpaper!
  • Transparency
  • HEX color code support – add your favourite color using the HEX code!
  • Favourite colors – Add and keep your favourite colors and use them when you want!
  • 24 and 12-hour time!
  • Removable leading zero (for 12-hour time)
  • Date – add date to your widget set-up!
  • Changable font (for date and AM/PM)!
  • Adjustable text size and spacing (for date and AM/PM)!
  • Removable colon – keep the widget even more simple!
  • Shadow
  • New cool updates on the way!

Full version features:

  • 90°/-90° degree rotation (beta version)
  • Removable Notification from status bar (only for Android below 8.0 Oreo)
  • All new upcoming styles! One style every week after the full release.
  • No ads!

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Pro features Unlocked


  • Seven Time - Resizable Clock Screenshot
  • Seven Time - Resizable Clock Screenshot


Requirements: 5.0+

Pro – (4.6 Mb)

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