Secret Disk Professional 2022.09

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Secret Disk Pro

Secret Disk Pro review

Secret Disk can create an additional drive on your computer that may be invisible and password-protected within one second. You can make your personal files and folders invisible and secure.

You do not need to format the hard drive or make any changes to the boot sector. Our program will create a new disk automatically very quickly. You can make this drive invisible, including all content, and protect it with a password. You can store any files and folders on the drive. Secret Disk works as usual on your hard drive and is compatible with any other software you have installed. You can have more than one secret drive and you can also select a drive letter.

In the event of a power failure or a fatal Windows error, your secret drive will be locked and become invisible automatically. This happens automatically because the information is stored in virtual memory. Secret Disk does not encrypt files, it simply restricts access to your files (you can use a password). The software links the virtual disk to your files. This will give you enough security to hide your files from anyone.

Key Features:

  • It can create an invisible disk which can be locked by a password or you may keep it without password
  • For the convenience, we made that it could have opted for the user
  • The scheduled is protected with PIN rule and also there is an option to disable it
  • The secret disk will automatically disappear if launched screen saver or your  turn off windows
  • The Secret Disk Pro had come with new design and a clean user interface
  • In new version, user can add his own image to desk instead of standard
  • Secret-Disk Pro not only allows to create one secret disk but more than one can be made by this software

Whats New:

This release has been dedicated to great improvement of login screen for PIN code. Previously, screen that was asking you for the PIN code was a small separate screen, which popups and goes away, like blinking. Now, PIN code screen built-in to the main screen. Which makes all login process seamless and less “blinking”.
We will continue to improve interface of our software and have plans to built-in all standalone screens into the main one to improve overall user experience.

In short, the changes are:

  • Improved interface of PIN code screen.
  • Added Greek interface translation.

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Password for archiv:

License: ShareWare

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