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FME Desktop is a flexible and powerful set of industrial ETL (Extraction, Conversion, Downloading) tools that allows you to easily integrate GIS data in any format or application. The software allows you to quickly and easily convert data between many applications for more than 325 formats.

Safe Software FME Desktop

Safe Software FME Desktop

Go beyond simple conversion and save detailed data by converting content and structure without having to work with the codes, the software does it all by itself. If you need an advanced level of automation, FME Desktop works seamlessly with our enterprise products, FME Server and FME Cloud, allowing you to plan workflows, run in response to triggers, or turn into self-service tools.


Highly Scalable
Whether you’re a small local shop or a large multinational organization, FME Server can deftly meet your automation needs. And as you grow, FME Server can seamlessly scale up with additional engines.

Fault Tolerant
Failure is not an option. FME Server ensures high availability in several ways including fail-over by switching to a secondary core. In the worst case, you can use recovery mode to restart components and jobs.

You’re Secure with Safe
Our entire business is built on data, and so the security and privacy of your data is our top priority. For a closer look at the security precautions we have in place, please read through the FME Server Security Whitepaper.

Straightforward to Use
Finally, a powerful tool that’s also fun to use. With FME Server, installation is a breeze and you’re up and running in minutes. From there, it’s simple to configure automation workflows in FME Server’s user interface.

Configurable REST API
Included with FME Server is a powerful REST API that gives you control over a wide range of FME Server functionality. Requests are made through clear, readable URLs and responses can be formatted in clear, readable JSON.

Path to the Cloud (i.e. Futureproof)
FME Server is hosted on premises, securely behind your firewall. If you want to take advantage of the scalable nature of the cloud, you can easily migrate your workflows to FME Cloud, the hosted version of FME Server.

Backwards (and Future) Compatibility
Whether you have legacy data or are looking to integrate new technologies, everything just has to work. We get that! And so while we continue to add fresh capabilities in each new release, we also ensure that every release is rigorously tested.

Scalable for the Enterprise
If you need advanced levels of automation, FME Desktop works seamlessly with our enterprise products, FME Server and FME Cloud, allowing workflows to be scheduled, run in response to triggers, or turned into self‐serve tools.

Free Technical Support
We are accessible to you before and after purchase – no hurdles to jump over before you get the help you need. Our product support is available at no cost and we even have Safe staff available to assist you via live chat.

Free Product Training
After you purchase FME, you’re not on your own. All of our online training is available free of charge. That means you can take recorded training at any time of the day, or sign up for one of our online instructor-led courses.

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