RAM Saver Professional 24.5

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RAM Saver is a program that can help you optimize your RAM, which may seem simple at first glance. With this software users can quickly improve the performance of personal computers, and at the same time get rid of various hangs and lags.

RAM Saver Professional

RAM Saver review

So, let’s try to describe what is so good about this tool? Well, the interface is clear and nice, you will be able to defragment the system memory and get quick access to it in the future, which will not only improve the efficiency of the processor, but also the memory cache. If you have poorly optimized programs installed that give you a memory leak, this software will be able to fight this by restoring the leak. Plus, the program is temporarily able to put drivers into the swap file, which causes significant memory release.

If you believe the developers, even having a weak PC with a small amount of memory, you will be able to significantly speed up the computer, you just need to click on the cherished button optimization. By the way, after running the software, you will see an icon next to the clock, which will display the current percentage of memory load.

The interface is actually clear, it has a system of tabs, you need to switch between them and get the necessary information, for example, you can monitor the processes, perform memory testing, monitor its load, optimize, there is a tab setup and others.
Overall, this is a little bit of an overview that I have provided, I hope that the program will be useful to you, and I think that many people remember that I myself recently had some memory problems, and a nuisance window popped up saying that there wasn’t enough memory to work with, and I had to ask for your help. Next time, if the situation happens again, I will use this software to see the result, maybe it will help, thank you for your attention!

Key Features:

  • The ‘System Tray’ RAM monitor
  • desktop monitor
  • dedicated Control Panel
  • professional monitoring
  • flexible optimization with statistical output
  • RAM performance test
  • RAM monitoring and management
  • boosted labels
  • basic and advanced settings automatic and intelligent optimization
  • tool call
  • clipboard scrubbing
  • one-click closure of all applications
  • PC time display
  • shutdown and quick start screen saver
  • CD-ROM drive check
  • ability to hide all desktop icons
  • forced computer shutdown and reboot

The utility defragments system memory on its own to improve access to resources and make their use more efficient and rational. Especially useful software will be for running demanding games or programs when there is not enough free RAM.

You can also optionally restore RAM, or clear it, and disable all unnecessary tasks that require large amounts of resources. All parameters are changed automatically and do not pose any threat to your device.

Advantages of the program:

  • High optimization speed.
  • Advanced control panel.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Additional tools for optimization.

Whats New in the program:

  • korean.lng was added
  • lng-files were updated

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