RadioBOSS Advanced 6.3.2

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An excellent program for automating music at parties, clubs or radio stations, download RadioBOSS below. Since the program has a wide range of settings, it can be used almost anywhere you may need a musical design.

RadioBOSS Advanced

RadioBOSS review

You need to set it up once and do not fit at all for a month, the music will change itself, all settings will be complied with, all your settings are untouched. Of the advantages of RadioBOSS can be noted silence detector, so do not worry about pauses, once the program notices that there is no music on the air for some reason, the situation will be corrected.

Additional features include a CD grabber and a large music base. Plus you will get support for a large number of audio formats, not a bad equalizer, a lot of settings!

RadioBOSS Advanced is a tool that helps you automate the airwaves of clubs, discos, radio stations, casinos, cinemas, or stores, i.e. those environments that require music design. This application is characterized by its powerful functionality, clear interface, and high operating speed. Note that RadioBOSS Advanced, if properly configured, can run in auto mode for months. You can download the full version of RadioBOSS at the end of the description of the program without registration on the portal.

The software is divided into three modules, namely Player, Musical Database and Playlist Generator. You don’t need to be a linguist to understand what each section is responsible for. Player is the main component of RadioBOSS Advanced, which is responsible for running and editing playlists, using various effects, working with the scheduler, and so on. The Musical Database module helps to scan the hard disk and transfer files to the playlist. Here you can quickly search through files, edit tags, sort and filter files, make reports, and much more. Playlist Generator is a faithful user assistant in the process of making playlists. In other words, it is a template-based playlist generator (the user must initially set the playlist duration, generation method, airing time, jingles and more).

The features of the program RadioBOSS Advanced are incredibly numerous, among which we will highlight:

  • Support for mp3, wav, ogg, wma, CD audio formats;
  • Ability to play streaming audio;
  • Easy generation of new playlists by a given template;
  • Handy scheduler;
  • Supports rebroadcasting option;
  • Built-in effects and 12-band equalizer;
  • Ability to run multiple playlists at the same time; * Adjustable volume control; * Supports 12-band EQ; * Capability to playlist simultaneously;
  • Adjustable volume;
  • CD Grabber and Tag Editor.

RadioBOSS Advanced is a tool for voice-over narration of different rooms or showing video clips. It is easy to create a radio station with this tool. With the help of the Shoutcast/Icecast client, which is built into the program, users can start broadcasting without third-party plug-ins. Download RadioBOSS Advanced directly from our website!

Software advantages:

  • A powerful and flexible platform for automating music design;
  • Fully automatic operation model that is capable of working without a human for several months;
  • Built-in silence detector that will keep the equipment sound active;
  • Availability of a data transcoder;

What’s new in the program:

  • Added Level column to the playlist
  • Added hot key for “Run now” command in the scheduler
  • Nowplaying is updated when “setcasttitle” API command is used
  • Selected window style is marked in the additional modules
  • Improved UI to select scheduled events group color
  • Track Tool can be called for Cart Wall items
  • Fixed a bug with Comments in the playlist
  • Fixed minor bugs fixed with playlist colors
  • Fixed: sometimes tag information for OPUS was not loaded
  • Fixed: multiple “generate playlist” events can interfere with each other
  • Fixed bugs in Teaser processing
  • Fixed bugs in Auto Intro rules processing
  • Fixed: tracks played via “getfile” command sometimes were not logged
  • Fixed: overlay video stopped the video playing in the main playlist
  • Fixed: “stop” command incorrectly ended track at the Mix point
  • Other bugs fixed, minor improvements

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Download RadioBOSS Advanced 6.3.2 – (49,8 Mb)

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