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A new version of a sufficiently effective tool for freeing up space on the hard drive has been released, due to its cleaning, you can also maintain the confidentiality of important information, in full news you are invited to download R-Wipe & Clean as always. After starting this program, it will help to permanently get rid of all kinds of temporary Internet files, the log of the pages you are browsing will be deleted, cookies will also be lost if there were autofillers of different forms and passwords – they will also be erased, the list of recently opened documents will also be deleted, swap files, all kinds of temporary files, and so on.

The program irretrievably removes traces of your online or offline activities, such as temporary files, download history, autocomplete forms and passwords, paging files, a list of recently opened documents, MRU Explorer temporary files, etc., finds the necessary files to delete in more than 200 different applications, and cleans the disk space.

R-Wipe & Clean removes files and cleans unused disk space using efficient and reliable algorithms. All files and folders can be gathered in a “delete list” so you can easily delete all the necessary data, so to speak, in one go. FAT and NTFS file systems are supported. Individual deletion or cleaning tasks can be started simultaneously or at a predefined time.

R-Wipe & Clean supports all the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla / Mozilla Firefox, Opera, NETSCAPE, AOL, MSN as well as browsers Yahoo, Google and MSN and their toolbars. This program removes traces of more than 200 different programs, including Microsoft Office.

Key Features:

  • Support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Flock, NETSCAPE, AOL, MSN, Google Chrome, SeaMonkey and BT Yahoo browsers;
  • Removing information from more than 300 applications, including Microsoft Office 2007;
  • Cleaning the system registry;
  • Complete removal of temporary Internet files, cookies, flash cookies, Java logs and Microsoft VM;
  • Cleaning autocomplete forms, page history, open file list, clipboard contents, etc;
  • Complete removal of swap files;
  • Clearing Windows Firewall event and log files;
  • Support for FAT and NTFS file systems;
  • Built-in scheduler;
  • Windows integration;
  • Set a password to run the program.

Whats New:

New features:

  • A new item Update Usage Statistics has been added to the Google Chrome section.
  • A new item Metrics Files has been added to the WWEP Traces tab in the Installer Traces part of the User’s section.
    The Program Traces section:
  • A new application PhpStorm has been added.


  • Display has been improved for the Cookie Details window on the Cookies tabs in the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera sections.
  • Deletion of backup files has been added to the Network Persistence Statistics tab in the Opera section.

The Program Traces section:

  • The Zoom Rooms tab has been adapted to the application from Microsoft Store.
  • Application detection in the system has been improved for the Grammarly and Adobe Premiere Elements applications.
  • Display and deletion have been improved for the Logs item on the Adobe Premiere Elements tab.

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

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