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Migrate or consolidate data quickly, securely and easily in significantly less time than native tools can do.

Quest Software Secure Copy



Secure data migration
Transfer not only files but also “critical metadata that works behind the scenes” including files, folders, local users and groups, NTFS permissions, printers, shared resources, attributes, settings, ownership, updated SID history. Secure Copy also ensures that security and configurations on the target server correspond to the source server.

Control how, what, and when data is transferred
Control the transfer process “at every step”, allowing the transfer to work with the end user rather than bypassing the transfer. To reduce the risk of network downtime, you can control the number of threads with “multi-threading”, control bandwidth with “bandwidth management” and override locked files with “administrator override”.

Automate complex, tedious and manual tasks
Automate complex, tedious tasks before and after migration to reduce the time required to complete migration projects. The product also contains update utilities that allow you to update user and file information without having to update every user account in Active Directory.

Work Status Report, Missed Files and much more
Manage your data migration projects with a variety of reports to ensure good work or to identify problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. Secure Copy reports include copied files, broken jobs, migration analyses, missed files, and easy-to-scan dashboards.

Job status bar
Keep track of the job status with short charts and indicators, including performance, file type migration status and more.

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