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proDAD Disguise – the program will make it as easy as possible to blur the desired area on your video. Now a little more detail, imagine, you shoot a video, come in, process it, happy you put it on the network, enjoy it, wait for reaction, go to bed, anticipating the praise. You wake up to the doorbell, without having had time to put on your pants, without washing your face, you run to look through the door peephole. There’s a policeman there, poking his ID card, shouting, swearing…

proDAD Disguise

proDAD Disguise review

Of course you’re very frightened, you open the door, and he says, a statement was written on you, you added a video, and there was a man in the frame, he did not like it much, in general he decided to collect from you compensation for moral damage, maybe he and his mistress in the frame and his family life was ruined, or maybe he walked with a guy, who knows, but we do not care, as long as the statement is already written.

You’re found guilty, you get a big fine, you take out a loan, you can’t pay it back, your wife leaves you, you get fired from your job, you sit on a crappy couch, you have consolation in your hands, watch TV, and there’s advertising for proDAD Disguise, which is all so good, it’s easy to manage. And you understand, all you had to do was to download it in your own time, add your video there, highlight the desired area, specify the type of mosaic, and then the program itself would find a face or license plate number or whatever, follow the movement and mosaic the entire video. You’re in tears, you want it all back, but it’s too late.

Of course proDAD Disguise activation key is required for normal operation, but when did you and I stop it, just download the free archive below, crack is already built in, nothing more is required, installed and use. I think that everyone understands what the tool in front of us, everything is very simple and clear in it, you select the area, software monitors its movement, everything masks, feel free to download on the network and do not worry!

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Download proDAD Disguise Labs – (95.5 Mb)

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Download proDAD Disguise Plus Extended – (95.5 Mb)

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