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The hero of today’s review is a program called Posterino – a kind of editor for creating collages of various levels of complexity: from the simplest, using built-in templates, to fully customizable. The application got into the TOP almost from the very opening of the Mac App Store and certainly deserves a separate review about itself.

During the first and subsequent launches of the application and until the check mark is removed from the corresponding option, the user will be greeted with a welcome window, in which beginners can view a screencast describing the main functions of the application, as well as read various help information on Posterino. It is unlikely that you want to contemplate this window every time you start the application, so feel free to uncheck the Show at startup item.

Next, we get into the template manager window, which is an integral part of the application and cannot be skipped or hidden (there is simply no such option in the settings). And is it worth hiding it – after all, it contains more than 20 pretty good templates, grouped into 4 categories to honor users (Blank, E-Cards, Photo Frames, Posterino).

Blank. Do not assume that if the choice of one or another template is a prerequisite for starting work with the application, then the user will be limited in his creativity by the rigid framework of the proposed templates. Not at all, just choose the Blank template from the category of the same name – and you can create your collage almost from scratch.

E-Cards. The templates in this category make it easy to create eye-catching cards and send them to the addressee using the corresponding export function. Moreover, the created postcard can be “stamped” just like a real postcard, and the user has the ability to edit the content of the stamp (we will talk about this a little later).

Photo Frames. The ability to quickly create photo frames for one or several photos, depending on the selected template. By and large, only one of the proposed options resembles a photo frame template in the usual sense of the word, the rest are rather mini-collages.

Posterinos. Templates for creating posters from multiple shots. The templates are quite interesting, but, unfortunately, many options are similar to each other.

After choosing a template, we will need to set the size of our future creation. Sizes are fixed and selected from a drop-down menu, either in inches (4×6 to 20×30) or in international format (A6 to A1). Adding other values ​​to the menu list is carried out on the Sizes tab of the settings menu. In addition, the image resolution (in DPI) must be set and the orientation of the sheet (portrait or landscape) is selected. Only after that the user enters the main application window.

The main window of Posterino has a simple and, at the same time, quite beautiful interface. The developers announced the localization of the application in 7 languages. However, you shouldn’t get upset too much, since the interface is so intuitive that any user can easily figure it out. The program window includes the Image Browser panel, from which it is supposed to import images into the created poster or collage, and the main working panel, in which all work is carried out. There is a small toolbar at the top of the window, and an information panel at the bottom that displays the number of images in the selected folder in the Image Browser, as well as the properties of the current project.

Integration with some Mac OS X applications allows you to import images from libraries of programs such as iPhoto and Aperture, as well as from custom folders that can also contain images (Pictures, Desktop Pictures, iChat Icons, User Pictures). The list of folders is not limited, and the user can add any other folders to it by simply dragging and dropping. Again, the presence of a browser does not limit the user, and he is completely free to import photos from any folder on the hard drive, just using this panel it is somewhat more convenient to do it.

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Requirements: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit

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