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Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio

Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio review

This is a pretty powerful graphical editor that has been optimized for editing images that you already have, and you will be able to create your own, with more emphasis on this, as its main ability is to give you all the tools you need to draw. Please note that you will be given one tool for drawing – but their varieties are more than 5000, each of them have their own form, individual settings, colors and so on, from our project you can download TwistedBrush in the full news. It is thanks to this abundance of brushes that the developers claim that almost any user will be able to create a beautiful picture, and if you are still a little bit familiar with this, you can create a stunning masterpiece, the drawing of which in another program could take a professional several days. I can’t draw, so I don’t care at all, so this doesn’t work. If you compare TwistedBrush and Photoshop, then there are much fewer built-in effects, but of course there are some things that you can do, for example, you can add smoke to your drawings, fire and wind, apply the effect of fog and water, you can also mix oil paints, built-in tool sprayer, you can create small sketches and so on. If desired, TwistedBrush will allow you to create even a three-dimensional object that will cast shadows, which will look quite realistic. You will also get more than 50 ready-made filters, a powerful rollback system, a large number of built-in textures and work with a variety of graphic formats.

TwistedBrush key Features:

1000’s of Brushes
TwistedBrush Pro Studio includes as standard every brush available from Pixarra. Over 9000 at last count, covering every area of digital art from great natural media to wild brushes to brushes with that can build a random tree or whole city skyline with a single stroke.

64 Bit Imaging
Internally a full 64 bits of color information is used per pixel to accomplish the incredible blending found in TwistedBrush.

Powerful Brush Engine
Perhaps the most powerful image editing brush engine in existence anywhere. A single system with the flexibility and performance to mimic full natural media brushes, complex blending operations, very specialize procedural object painting such as single stroke trees and everything in between. The scope of brush effects is mind blowing!

Drawing Tablet Support
Experience expressive drawing and painting with the drawing tablet support with high precision sampling and pressure sensitivity.

Color Palettes
A large array of color palettes, including, dynamic color palettes and mixing color palettes are included or create your own palettes from sampling an existing image or automatically creating ramps of colors.

Brush Editing
With Pixarra TwistedBrush full brush editing capabilities are included. Using a specialized sequencing system over 400 brushes effects and 150 time envelopes modify the core brush types to produce the wide range of brushes. Share your brushes with other or import the brush codes from other users for an unlimited supply of brushes.

Layers and Transparency
TwistedBrush fully supports transparency and layers with all the standard layer mixing modes plus many unique mixing modes that can’t be found anywhere else. Layers are accessed from either the layer mini bar on the left or the full Layer panel on the right.

Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio has extensive mask support for protecting and selecting parts of your images. Use the Magic Wand tool with the wide range of options for creating masks or use masking brushes to paint your masks. In addition to dedicated tools for masking there are masking (and unmasking) brushes as well as a special mask actions available from the Mask menu.

Extensive Tool Set
In addition to some of the tools already listed, a full range of tools are at your disposal including, Color Picker, Brush Cleaner, Selection, Crop, Move, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Paint Bucket, Gradients, Mask Rectangle, Mask Ellipse, Mask Wand, Image Warp, Script Brush, Copy tool, Paste tool, Text, Pan, Rotate Brush, Drawing Guides and Adjust Brush tools.

Image Processing Filters
Well over 200 image processing filters give you the tools to manipulate your photos or other work. From all the common image processing filters to exceptional filters found no where else such as the Value Blur, Photo Pop, Photo Detailer or Outliner filters. Shown on the right is the menu selection for filters. The Blur category of filters alone has 17 different types of blurs all of which can be configured is custom control panels. The depth of filters in TwistedBrush Pro Studio is amazing!

A fantastic productivity system that allows for easy storage and reuse of your clipped images and photo elements for use later. ​

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