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Pinegrow Web Editor is an excellent package for creating website layouts. The program is a constructor, which can cope with even the one that is far from the area of site development. Of course, a professional-level site you can not create here (this is so that beginners are not very excited), but you can easily sketch the layout.

Pinegrow Web Editor Pro

Pinegrow Web Editor Pro review

The application interface is very attractive, made in dark colors, which creates a pleasant environment for work, and without any colorful and distracting elements. When starting a new project, you should choose a template from which you would like to start. Once you’ve chosen a template, you’ll be able to start working on the page design. Note that the workspace is made up of 3 parts. In the middle we have your layout as a design, and on the sides of the work areas. On the left side, you will see a palette of components that you can add to your layout by simple transfer, and on the right side there is a code window. At the same time, if you do not like the current layout of the workspaces, you can easily customize their location as you like. All you need to do is click on the menu on the top right, which is shown as a window, and there you can adjust it to your liking.
Returning to the design of the layout, you want to touch one nice thing. When editing the page layout on the fly, or adding any components, floating tools will automatically appear, which will make your work much easier. You also want to focus on the code and layout, here you can do it all at once, you add the right component for example on the page and automatically can edit the code, which again simplifies and speeds up the development process and makes it more visible.
And last but not least, we would like to mention the CSS editor. Here it is also visually presented, and you can make changes as code and rules. You can easily create variables and expressions, use a style sheet, and the result will not make you wait. That’s basically all, I think someone will like the program).


Everything you do at Pinegrow is under control.
You can change and check your page at the same time – even if you are using dynamic JavaScript elements. Pinegrow has full support for Bootstrap and Foundation. Drag and drop components to the page and configure them through interface properties. Pinegrow automatically sets attributes, adds classes, or even adjusts components in HTML code.

Pinegrow does not hide the code from you.
Edit pages visually and with the code at the same time. Changes made via the visual interface are immediately reflected in the code window. Editing code – even if it is made in an external code editor – is immediately visible on the page and in the visual interface. Pinegrow is an ideal tool for learning HTML.

Powerful CSS editor.
Edit CSS rules visually or via code. Add variables and expressions easily when creating customizable themes. Use the Style Manager to clone, set and delete styles. Changes made to the stylesheet will be immediately visible on all pages that use the stylesheet.

Pinegrow also lets you open any page on the web.
Simply enter a URL and start editing the remote page: Layout, edit text and images, change CSS rules … This is a great way to edit the CSS server pages you create and try out templates. Then save the modified HTML and CSS files on your computer.

Adding elements to composite libraries
Add component library page elements and use them in different projects. Element libraries are saved as Pinegrow JavaScript plug-ins, so you can easily edit, share and maintain them.

Use Pinegrow with your favorite code editor
Pinegrow fits into your workflow. Use it with your favorite code editor (with Smart Auto-Refresh), source management system, package manager, and deployment.

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