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PGWare SuperRam

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PGWare SuperRam is a portable program that frees the RAM. And thus increases the performance and stability of the operating system as a whole.

Program PGWare SuperRam, can work in the background. And at the same time to help the operating system and absolutely do not distract the user while working. The utility increases the performance of the computer by releasing and redistributing RAM. Which in the end has a very strong impact on the work of absolutely all programs installed on your computer. Portability of the program allows you not to install it on your computer but at the same time enjoy all the advantages of optimizing computer memory. At the same time, the utility works the same way as when installed in the operating system. A portable program is also convenient when you are not working on your computer.


  • Optimizes your computer’s RAM by releasing files that are not needed at the moment.
  • It works in the background to free up RAM to maintain system stability.
  • Visual representation in the system tray, which shows the amount of RAM available in the system.
  • Ability to independently select settings for the purposes you need, at a particular moment and for specific purposes.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface, which performs memory optimization in real time.

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