PentaLogix ViewMate Pro 11.18.1 Crack [Full review]

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ViewMate Full – a program designed to view CAD data stored in Gerber Technology files. The application not only imports CAD and CAM aperture and displays their contents, but also provides powerful editing tools. This application was specially created to work as a viewer, so there will be no possibility to save or export files. The user interface is not the easiest to understand due to the large number of features.

PentaLogix ViewMate Pro

PentaLogix ViewMate Pro

The software imports several Gerber data formats (for example, Basic Gerber, Gerber Extended, and MDA Autoplot) and translates the HPGL, drill, and aperture data into Gerber upon import. You can also insert, delete, or edit D-code definitions. The program allows you to perform several actions, for example, to allow the visibility of layers, display panels, traces and selected elements, change the selected elements in white or contrasting colors, increase or decrease the scale, pan the screen and display the properties of certain elements. In addition, it also provides positioning and measuring tools, such as cursor position and coordination, full-screen cursor, screen grid, and marked locations.


  • Smart DFM automated design for manufacturing check and correct
  • DXF File Converter
  • Import multiple net-list formats
  • Venting & Thieving
  • Filleting
  • Fill Polygons
  • Solder-mask Generation
  • Overlap Correction
  • Draw to Flash Pad Conversion
  • Snap to Padmaster
  • Easily Quote and Order circuits boards within your design
  • Copper area calculation
  • Solder-mask generation
  • Copper pouring
  • Silkscreen clipping
  • Automated Venting & thieving
  • Board Cleanup Functions
  • One year of free technical support
  • And, much more!

Do you want Design Rule Checking?
When using ViewMate Pro Key, with Smart DFM you can check data for a host of violations. And not just one layer at a time! Multiple violations, multiple layers with fast, accurate results. The system provides an ASCII error report, and in addition, creates a Gerber file that makes correcting plot files a snap.

How about filleting, silkscreen clipping, draw-to-flash, or venting and thieving?
These functions are all automated! All you do is set the parameters once, the system does the rest. Fast and accurate, every time!

ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM is packed with features; circular interpolation, modifying D Codes, merging aperture lists, moving data, aligning layers, entering text at any size and location. ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM has the functionality to handle even the most complex data.

No more guessing what your circuit board will look like. No more waiting for photo-plots or worse, your prototype circuit board, to see your true design. With ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM, you can rest assured that the capabilities you need for today’s and tomorrows challenges are there when you need them.

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