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Two or more monitors running the same personal computer is not uncommon these days. And it is all the more surprising to observe the fact that in today’s Windows 11 operating system the most common clock is displayed only on the main monitor, without duplication on auxiliary monitors. How is this possible? We tend to believe that this omission is due to the fact that the system is still being finalized. And the developers are changing the parameters and functionality this way and that. Nevertheless…

PDQ Inventory

PDQ Inventory review

Inventory is a simple little utility, the purpose of which is to fix the system and duplicate the clock in the taskbar area on the second monitor. The program supports all time formats and has light and dark themes. It updates the displayed information every second, so there is no discrepancy with the clock on the main screen. It also automatically adjusts the height and width of the “clock window” to the style of your system.

Note that when you install ElevenClock, it changes the system data. That is why the regular anti-virus Windows Defender will warn you about the suspicious activity of this program. In this case you should not worry and should allow the change.


PDQ Inventory tools

Key Features:

All this makes it possible not to miss important updates, because almost all existing applications, including monthly Windows updates, can now be put on a special schedule. As a result, PDQ Inventory Enterprise initiates their transfer and installation automatically when the dedicated computers start up. As for the running scripts, they can be executed from a file or written on the fly, and the program is compatible with a shell such as PowerShell, so it supports the following types of scripts: vbs, reg, bat and ps1.

To make life even easier for the sysadmin, the developers of the maximum version of PDQ Inventory Enterprise took care to create their own library of almost 200 popular applications ready for deployment. Each new PDQ patch is added to the library, tested, and immediately made available to users.

Additional nice features include mail notifications about the work done, so you can monitor tasks from your phone without showing up at your desk. Also, owners of similar versions of the application can add each other as friends to share patches, schedules, and more.

It remains to be added that the controlling PC will require 8 GB of RAM (4 GB for the controlled PC), and a Windows operating system no older than Vista or 2008x. Download PDQ Inventory Enterprise for free for Windows from the link below.

Benefits of the utility:

  • Support for more than 200 types of software;
  • Automatic software updates;
  • Unlimited number of connections;
  • Constant monitoring of updates;

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download PDQ Inventory 19.3.538.0 Enterprise – (89.1 Mb)

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