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PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy review

PDQ Deploy is an enterprise version of the program that will allow users to remotely deploy the right number of updates, as well as install applications on other computers without much trouble or bother. If you’ve managed several workstations connected to the same network or in an Active Directory domain, you probably know that this isn’t an easy task, and when it comes to keeping your computers up to date with the system administrator, it’s not easy to do so with the software and system updates you’ve installed. In order to make it as easy as possible and reduce the process to a pleasant pastime, there is third-party software, here it is just in front of you. At once I will write, to the inexperienced user it is difficult to understand, but I hope if it is a question about system administrators, at them it will not cause problems. There is an excellent built-in scheduler, which at a given time to perform the necessary downloads and updates at a particular station.

PDQ Deploy settings

Key Features:

Deploy Almost Anything
Silently deploy almost any Windows patch or application (.exe, .msi) to multiple Windows PCs simultaneously. Deployments can install, uninstall, execute scripts, reboot, copy files, sleep, send messages, etc. Instructions and files are sent to the target computer, executed, monitored, and reported.

Set it ‘n Forget it
Never miss a critical patch again! Common applications (including Windows Monthly rollups) can download automatically and deploy on your schedule or even when offline targets come online when integrated with PDQ Inventory. Rest assured your patch updates are going out even when you are not in the office. Isn’t it time for that much-needed vacation?

Easily Execute Scripts
Run and deploy common scripts like .vbs, .reg, .bat, and .ps1. Execute from a file, or write them on the fly. The possibilities are almost endless. PDQ also has many resources for PowerShell, too. Start honing those scripting skills.

Ready-to-Deploy Applications
We maintain a library of over 175 ready-to-deploy popular applications so you don’t have to. When a new version of an application is released, PDQ updates and tests them and makes them available as soon as possible. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Email Notifications
Wouldn’t it be nice to glance at the inbox on your phone and see that deployment or schedule was successful? You won’t even have to put down that drink or game controller. PDQ Deploy is the assistance you always wanted!

Multi-Admin Access With a Shared Database
Share deployments, schedules, lists, and even preferences between PDQ Deploy consoles by creating a server/client relationship. Processes are initiated via either the console or Command Line Interface (CLI) but use the Server’s database. Why do all the work twice?

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