PCmover Image & Drive Assistant 11.3.1015.781

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In front of you is PCmover Professional – a set of reliable software that allows you to easily move all your files and system settings from one computer to a new computer. It also lets you perform Windows updates on one PC or restore from an image or old hard drive to another.

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant review

When you run the application for the first time, we need to choose from three options, for example, you can transfer all your programs and settings to your new PC, namely, Transfer PC to PC, Windows Upgrade Assistant and Image & Drive Assistant. I advise you to choose the first option if you just want to migrate from the old to the new one. However, before performing any actions, you should make sure that the program is configured on both PCs.

When is PCmover needed?

Scenario 1

Your computer broke down, but your hard drive is still functioning. Use PCmover Image & Drive Assistant to recover all or some of the programs, files and settings from this drive to your new computer, even if your new computer is running another version of Windows. For example, the old computer was running XP and the new computer was running Windows 8. The new computer will not overwrite any data and all your applications will be moved, installed, and ready to use. There is no need to reinstall anything or find old license codes. The only limitation is that the old hard drive must be available on the new PC, and PCmover Image & Drive Assistant will do the rest.

Scenario 2

You had a computer with an older version of the Windows operating system that was stolen or irreparably damaged (e.g. no longer booting and cannot be restored), but you backed it up. You will most likely need to restore this image to a new computer that is running Windows 8. If you are using a backup program to restore, the old image will overwrite everything on the new PC, including Windows 8 itself. Here’s where PCmover Image & Drive Assistant helps, allowing you to mount the image as a virtual drive and use it to restore the backup to your new computer. Nothing will be overwritten – the new system is preserved and you can restore all your files, programs and settings. Only PCmover Image & Drive Assistant has recovery functionality that is independent of the operating system version.

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