PanFone iOS Eraser Pro 1.1.2

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PanFone iOS Eraser Pro

PanFone iOS Eraser Pro review

PanFone iOS Eraser – the program will completely delete the data from your iOS device. It is convenient when you decided to sell it, because you no longer have to worry that the buyer will take a special software and decide to restore the data, get access to it and then will watch your depraved photos or get access to various resources. Choose one of the methods of removal and go ahead, to the complete destruction of information!

Key Features:

One-click to erase all data from your iOS device to make them irrecoverable by any means!

  • Selectively erase private data and deleted files on your phone.
  • Erase all private fragments generated by 3rd-party apps.
  • Enable you to preview and select certain files before erasing.

3 Erasing Levels for Different Needs
PanFone iOS Eraser provides three different and progressive levels to permanently erase contents from your iDevice depending on your needs:

  • Low level: It’s the fastest channel to permanently delete your iPad/iPhone/iPod data.
  • Medium level: This level will totally overwrite your private data, ensuring the erased files are 100% unrecoverable.
  • High level: It is the safest option for it overwrites all data 2 times. It is recommended if you saved any private files (bank records, passwords, financial data, etc) on your device.

PanFone iOS Eraser Pro settings

Clear Unnecessary Files to Speed up iDevice
There are many temp files, junk files, trash and cache generated on your iOS device with daily usage, which would make your phone run slowly. 1-click to free up massive storage and speed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using this iOS optimizer. It helps you to instantly delete all these junk files and compress photos losslessly to release 75% of photo space.

Delete all junk files, temp files and cache in one click.

  • Losslessly compress photos, back up and delete the photos.
  • Export/delete large files.
  • Uninstall apps in bulk.

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Secure 3rd-Party App Privacy
There are many private chat logs on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, Kik, Spotify, YouTube, Viber and other social apps. To protect your data from leakage, PanFone iOS eraser helps you to completely wipe these personal conversations from your iOS device without any hassle.

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License: ShareWare

Download PanFone iOS Eraser Pro 1.1.2 – (55 Mb)

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