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Opera Neon is a new concept browser from the famous guys at Opera Software, I myself was a fan of the 12th Opera, a lot has changed after that and here we have something absolutely cool in front of us, according to the developers. The history of this browser is simple, about a year ago (the article was written in January 2017), the developers decided to start exploring this topic in order to understand what the future programs in this topic can be, and here is the project, it will allow you to look into the future of desktop browsers!

Opera Neon review

Going back to the official website, we can read this, the developers from Opera, in order to realize everything they wanted and dreamed of, gathered a team of talented guys, among which are both designers and coders, they started working on a unique prototype of the browser. They had to draw a thousand drawings, models, solutions, a lot of beer was drunk and words were said, the interface was changed and refined, and here is a miracle, which is called Opera Neon!

Don’t be too strict about it, it’s just an experiment that should show how browsers of the future can look like. This software is built on the Blink engine, but the difference is that it was built from scratch, which made it possible to bring in new effects, animation and other chips.
Let’s try now to see, what awaits us new? After the launch we see a new home page that uses the background of your desktop as its background image, we get a side panel carrying a video player, the ability to work with images, there is a download manager. On the right we get a vertical and visually beautiful tab panel, which allows you to easily switch between sites. The tab system itself has become “smart” intellect now will automatically control them, it looks like they are in space and gravity will move them from bottom to top, all depends on the frequency of tabs used. You will get a new omnibox, which supports the most top search engines.

In addition, you will get new chips when working with web content, it will become clear when you decide to watch video on the page. There is a full binding to the gallery, you can create a screenshot, crop it and move it to the gallery for later use. Split screen mode is now available, so you can view two pages at once, which is really cool and unusual.
Separately it is necessary to highlight the bubbles tab, in order to open a new page you just need to click on the plus on the left side panel to add it to the favorites you just need to move it to the bubble to reduce to a minimum tab, you need to click on the bubble or click on the plus on the left side panel to close it you just need to click on a cross next to the bubble.

You can see additional icons in the tab panel, for example, pages where the music or video is playing in a separate group. If you see the camera icon, you can take a picture of the page, which will then appear in the gallery, it is the landscape icon.

Do you want a built-in ad blocker, built-in VPN, want to bolt your extensions? Well, unless you have such a chip and whether they are or are not clear, the reason is that Opera Neon is a concept browser that is built for experimentation, actually like this.
The last thing you should know is that the developer writes that you shouldn’t forget that it’s just a concept browser and you shouldn’t think that this browser was created to replace Opera, that’s not true, but in the spring of 2017, you will see the best of its chips in the Opera browser for your computer.

I would like to add that I liked the program as a whole, of course it looks unusual, of course it is raw, of course I would not use it, but clean look, feel, quite possible.

UPD: Many people are wondering if Opera Neon will run on Windows XP or not, if you read the comments of our users, it becomes clear, unfortunately no, all XP owners are unlucky, although who knows, maybe and vice versa, time will show.

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License: FreeWare

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