OmmWriter 1.61 MacOS [Full]

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OmmWriter 1.61 MacOS [Full]



OmmWriter is a modest attempt to regain what technology has taken away from us today: our ability to concentrate.

App allows you to write again with pleasure, allowing users to be alone with their thoughts; to concentrate and write without distraction. OmlWriter is more than just a word processor.

The secret of OW is its simplicity and obvious lack of functionality. OmmWriter Gaia pays special attention to sound and visual effects that contribute to the overall written experience.

We have spent a significant amount of research and effort on audiovisual experience to promote and enhance creativity. App is the fruit of this research with new dynamic backgrounds using chromotherapy techniques as well as new sound effects. This version, Gaia, is a reflection of its new soothing sound environments and background inspired by the natural landscapes of the Earth. In particular, a night background that relaxes your eyesight (and probably your mood).

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Requirements: OS X 10.10.5 or later 64-bit

OmmWriter 1.61 MacOS – (187,3 Mb)

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