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I decided to introduce you to the latest version of my favorite text editor, which has the syntax support of a rather impressive list of programming languages, if anyone is interested, the full list is waiting for you on the official page. The editor has a rather impressive set of options, its main difference is the small consumption of your CPU resources and the maximum number of features, of course I can only recommend you to download Notepad from our project. I would like to note the possibility of the editor to highlight the text and minimize it into blocks, it can be done according to the syntax of a particular programming language. Notepad allows its users to determine the syntax of the desired programming language, and the mode of highlighting can of course be adjusted to your preferences. The editor also knows how to view several documents at once, each of which can be edited separately. Notepad can view the same document in two different windows and edit it separately from each other. Among other features of the editor I would highlight the ability to record macros and after they are played, and when editing the text you will be able to select parentheses, as well as all Notepad users can leave their notes directly in the window, there is a possibility of zooming in, the program is able to automatically determine the status of the file, the text in Notepad can be added by simply dragging the mouse, of course, there is a built-in tool for searching and replacing, and the module responsible for automatic completion of the typed words. I hope you like Notepad, a pretty fast program.


  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding
  • Supported languages:
  • C C++ Java C# XML HTML
  • PHP CSS makefile ASCII art (.nfo) doxygen ini file
  • batch file Javascript ASP VB/VBS SQL Objective-C
  • RC resource file Pascal Perl Python Lua TeX
  • TCL Assembler Ruby Lisp Scheme Properties
  • Diff Smalltalk Postscript VHDL Ada Caml
  • AutoIt KiXtart Matlab Verilog Haskell InnoSetup

User Defined Syntax Highlighting
It allows user to define his own language : not only the syntax highlighting keywords, but also the syntax folding keywords, comment keywords and the operators. ( screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3, screenshot4 ).

For most supported languages, user can make his/her own API list (or download the api files from dowload section). Once the api file is ready, type Ctrl+Space to launch this action (see screenshot). For more information about Auto-completion, please see Auto-completion HOWTO.

You can edit several documents at the same time.

You have two views at same time. That means you can visualize (edit) 2 different documents at the same time (screenshot). You can visualize (edit) in the 2 views one document at 2 different positions as well. The modification of document in one view will carry out in another view (i.e. you modify the SAME document when you are in clone mode).

Regular Expression Search/Replace supported
You can search and replace one string in the document by using the regular expression.

Full Drag ‘N’ Drop supported
You can open a document by drag & drop. You can also move your document from a position (or even a view) to another by drag & drop.

Dynamic position of Views
The user can set the position of the views dynamically (only in 2 views mode : the splitter can be set in horizontal or in vertical), see screenshot.

File Status Auto-detection
If you modify or delete a file which opened in Notepad++, you will be notified to update your document (reload the file or remove the file).

Zoom in and zoom out
That’s another fantastic function of Scintilla component. Just see screenshot.

Multi-Language environment supported
The Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew Windows environments are supported. See Notepad++ under the Chinese Windows , under the Arabic Windows and under the Hebrew Windows in action screenshot.

User can just click on the bookmark margin (located right side of line number margin) or type Ctrl+F2 to toggle a book mark. To reach the bookmark, type just F2 (Next bookmark) or Shift+F2 (Previous bookmark). To clear all bookmarks, click the Menu Search->Clear All bookmarks. See screenshot.

Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting
When the caret stay beside of one of those symbol { } [ ] ( ) , the symbol beside of caret and its symmetric opposite symbol will be highlighted, as well as the indent guideline (if any) in order to locate the block more easily. See screenshot1, screenshot2 .

Macro recording and playback
You can save several macros and edit their keyboard shorcuts for the next use.

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License: FreeWare

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