Ninja Raiden Revenge 1.6.5 APK [Mod] [Full]

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Ninja Raiden Revenge is a cool action platformer dash in which players will get the role of a ninja. Every hundred years, an ancient demon awakens, calls on his minions and begins a destructive journey. Raiden Revenge

Ninja Raiden Revenge

Ninja Raiden Revenge review

Collecting bloody tribute from civilians. So one day he unexpectedly came to the village at the ninja school. The protagonist who returned from the trip found his brothers and friends brutally murdered. He has no choice but to rush into a chase to get revenge. He is not as simple as he seems. A descendant of one of the gods, he has incredible powers that will help him to cope with all enemies and destroy the evil one.

Become the best ninja warrior
Adventure arcade action for android devices with elements of RPG, which will appeal to all fans of hack-n-slash games, and will please all fans of dynamic gameplay. In Ninja Raiden Revenge you will plunge into a fantasy world and fight for its future. Demon Orochi, described as an eight-headed snake with eight tails comes to wreak havoc every 100 years, and it’s up to you to be the hero who enters the fierce battle with the demon.

Epic action for every day
You are Raiden, the last warrior ninja who is a descendant of the god of storms and seas who sealed the demon Orochi. From then on, you embark on an adventure to avenge the demon for his deeds and save the world. Ninja Raiden Revenge will delight you with dynamic gameplay, simple controls, spectacular battles, and the ability to upgrade your character’s skills. Eight epic bosses, eight locations and 96 unique levels await you.


  • Combines the elements of action ,hack-n-slash, RPG and puzzle adventure.
  • 8 different maps with 96 levels to play
  • 8 big bosses battles with a variety of monsters: zombies, monsters and more
  • Easy to control movement
  • Upgrade your character’s skills
  • Discover the beauty of high quality graphics
  • Challenge yourself with tough battles


  • Money

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  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot
  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot
  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot
  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot
  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot
  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot
  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot
  • Ninja Raiden Revenge Screenshot


Requirements: 4.1+

Download Ninja Raiden Revenge 1.6.5 APK [Mod] – (53.4 Mb)

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