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In front of you is a very convenient utility, which also does not require money from you. The task of it is to help the user almost instantly switch between different network settings. In this version, which does not require money from the user, you can set up to six profiles, then switch between them, I think this is enough for the average user, if among you are interested in users, I recommend going to the full news and there already download NetSetMan .
The program may come in handy if, for example, you’re on your laptop tired of changing every time the network settings card, let’s say at home you have one network, at work another, a friend third, and so on, of course this is not very good and convenient, so the program was created. NetSetMan in seconds will allow you to switch between pre-created profiles, for this you will need to make a couple of mouse clicks, special knowledge of the computer is not required naturally, each user can understand. All recorded connection details will remain in the utility memory and when necessary, you can quickly change them.
Using NetSetMan you will no longer remember to manually change the network parameters, because it is not only time consuming, but also our precious nerves. All you need to do in network settings is to specify IP address, DNS server, subnet mask, gateway address, group and computer name, score printer parameters, WINS server, scripts and so on, if you need it, you can shorten the list of parameters, everything depends on your desire and need. NetSetMan should appeal to home users who use Internet services from different ISPs.
Separately, I would like to highlight a nice interface, in fact, after starting you can start working immediately, just set profiles and then switch, there are some additional settings, I tried to capture them on the screenshot. Don’t forget that NetSetMan doesn’t require any money from you, it works as fast as possible, and I like it at all, as always in comments I wait for your opinions, we don’t hesitate to speak out.

Settings include:

  • IP address .
  • Gateways (including metrics)
  • DNS servers
  • WINS servers
  • IPv4 and IPv6!
  • Advanced WiFi management
  • Computer name
  • Working Group
  • DNS domain
  • Default Printer
  • Network drives
  • Adaptor status
  • MAC address
  • SMTP server
  • Hosts file entries
  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS, …)

NetSetMan offers you something that has been missed in Windows so far:

  • A powerful, easy-to-use interface for managing network settings.
  • Try it! And you won’t want to part with it.

Whats new:

  • Windows 11 Kompatibilität (21H2 build 22000)
  • NEU: WPA3 und 802.11ax Unterstützung für WiFi6 Netzwerke und Profile
  • NEU: Unicode-Unterstützung für WLAN SSIDs (Darstellung, Erzeugung, Verbindungen)
  • NEU: Optionaler Monochrom/Linien-Stil für das Tray-Icon (-> Einstellungen/Tray)
  • NEU: “Aktualisieren”-Element am Ende der Netzwerkadapterliste
  • Fix: Performance-Problem in Windows 11 nach Verwendung der TrayInfo
  • Fix: Kein Speichern mehr beim Herunterfahren, um seltenen Dateiverlust zu vermeiden
  • Fix: Verbinden mit WLAN-Netzwerk resultierte in seltenen Fällen in Fehler 87
  • Fix: Unvollständige Informationen für die WLAN-Einstellung bei Profilaktivierung
  • Fix: System/Firewall Benachrichtigungs- und Ausnahmeeinstellungen
  • Fix: Automatische High-DPI-Skalierung der Icons im Tray-Menü
  • Fix: High-DPI-Skalierung der Profiltabs war in bestimmten Konstellationen falsch
  • Fix: Tray-Icon-Auflösung bei mehreren Monitoren mit unterschiedlichen DPI-Einstellungen
  • Fix: WLAN-Option Stärkstes-Signal-Umschaltung bei mehreren WLAN-Adaptern
  • Die TrayInfo enthält nun auch die Original-MAC-Adresse, falls diese verändert wurde
  • Die “Wiederholen”-Option im Aktivierungsdialog ist nun in der Schaltfläche integriert
  • Verbesserte Kompatibilität bestimmter Arten von virtuellen und externen Netzwerkadaptern
  • Verbesserter Upgrade-Vorgang von Version 4.x durch Ignorieren von leeren Profilen
  • Verbesserte Kompatibilität der VLAN-ID-Einstellung verschiedener Netzwerkadapter-Arten
  • Verbesserte Dateidialoge mit High-DPI-Unterstützung und weiteren Optimierungen
  • Dateigröße um 10% verkleinert
  • Viele kleinere Fehlerbehebungen und Anpassungen

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