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With this program it is much more convenient to manage your collection of digital files than anywhere else, try to download myCollections from our project and check for yourself. Of course, this is how the developers assure me, I personally tried the tool in business and it seemed more convenient to me too, and since I have little experience working with alternative programs, it is difficult for me to judge how good the tool is unlike the competitors, so I will leave it to you, my dear users.

myCollections Pro

myCollections Pro review

With myCollections you can create a collection of your programs, movies, music, series, documents, images, games and files for adults. You no longer have to add new files to your collection with your own hands, the program will automatically scan your hard drives for new information and then add them to a specified category, i.e. the process is fully automated. The tool receives information from open databases by connecting to the Internet. Note that the program will help you to track whether there are copies of files, that is, there are no duplicates, because sometimes you downloaded movies, and you already have one, just you forgot. MyCollections receives information from the largest open databases, such as The Movie DB, Amazon, IMDB and so on, the whole source is about ten.
The program can update information by taking data from an NFO file. If the same folder as your movies have covers for them, the application will automatically generate a description and substitute the necessary cover. The resulting file list can be sorted by different criteria, such as movies by genre or download time. For the normal operation of the program, you should have .Net Framework 4.0 installed in your system and not lower, please note. myCollections has a simple appearance, you can add files yourself or entrust the process to the program. In general, nothing more to add, I hope now to maintain collections of your files will be much more convenient than before, do not forget to unsubscribe in comments on this subject.


Organize and manage your numeric collection (Movie, Book..)
Best way to manage : Movies, Books, Music, TvShow, Games and Adult Content.

All-in-one organizer
What makes it really stand out among other similar software is that it is able to catalog all of your content—apps, books, games (there is even a specific category for NDS games), movies (including X-rated), music, and TV series. The multimedia content can be stored electronically on your computer or it can be physical media.

Scanning a Barcode
myCollections can simply scan the barcode on the media and then search multiple online databases to retrieve all the information on the item saving you countless hours of typing.

Share your collections
In addition to cataloging your media, you can also keep track of who you loan your media to, thanks to its integrated loan manager. It also makes it easy to look up what a particular movie or book is about, or to find a particular album you might be looking for. You can also export your collection to HTML, XML, or PDF to share on the web

Export Cover for multimedia device
With myCollections, you will be able to export covers and background for Media Players like Dune, Zapitti, Tvix..

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myCollections Pro

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