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Minimal Escape

Minimal Escape

Minimal Escape

Minimal Escape – a beautiful and exciting adventure project in which the main character will be a fairy tale that lives in a fantasy world. It is a reflection of the usual real, but recently because of someone’s actions it is extremely dangerous and unpleasant. It is necessary to carry out an investigation, and to find out the reasons and the way to get rid of the problem. Ahead of gamers waiting for puzzles, traps, various obstacles and much more, which saturates the gameplay fun. Well, the pretty graphics provides all this and a nice visual component.

Minimal Escape – a beautiful and very unusual platformer, in which the player to go to explore the dark and dangerous world.

Developers gave us a great design levels, cartoon design, hundreds of puzzles and excellent music, so you will simply not have time to get bored. The gameplay itself will be divided into levels, and they in turn pass on different locations.
The length is amazing, sometimes you will lack three lives to cope with all the traps and have to start from the beginning.
The main character of the game is a fairy girl in an unusual image. The main task of the player is to overcome all the traps, collect stars and reach the end of the location. At first, it will be easy to find the stars, they are located right in front of you, but over time, the game will be added to the hidden places and other tricks that will make players try. Obstacles can also be quite different, here you and the platform, sharp spikes, blades, chains and more.

Our mentee can easily move to either side, jump, climb up the vines, as well as move the blocks. Sometimes you have to interact with the mechanisms to, for example, open the door or activate the platform. In general, the game turned out to be an excellent, classic platformer with a good design and a lot of complex levels.


  • A mix of arcade, adventure, and puzzle
  • Incorporates the laws of physics
  • 24 alluring and addicting stages
  • Advanced puzzles that require all of your brainpower
  • Exquisite 3D animation created with the Unity engine
  • Offers a dreamlike, surreal experience with its highly immersive visuals and audio
  • Diverse and original level designs

How to play:

  • Solve complicated puzzles, and escape and survive against all sorts of obstacles
  • Find hidden elements, explore paths, and collect stars
  • Simple controls with directional and jump buttons that require a little bit of luck


  • The level can be revived infinitely! After the first death, click on the ADS trigger in the lower right corner!

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Requirements: 4.4+

Mod – (66.2 Mb)

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