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There’s a pretty good new web browser that runs on Windows and if it doesn’t change my memory, it was created by a Chinese company. According to the statistics of Wikipedia, and I think it should be believed, at the end of this year there were over 350 million downloads of this version, which indicates the popularity of the project. I suggest you download Maxthon from us, just go to the full news.


Maxthon review

I think it’s no secret to you that the program was formerly called MyIE and was built on the Trident engine, which many users do not like, so starting with version 3, the browser runs on the WebKit engine, which on the contrary, many people like, including me. Maxthon can now switch between these two engines without having to reboot the program itself, just refresh the page, that’s enough.
Of course you will be able to create a lot of tabs and switch between them, lock tabs, put passwords on them and so on, the interface itself has changed significantly, of course for the better, now it’s nice to work behind it. New links you can open using the keyboard, all the information you need from the page can be easily saved. Maxthon knows how to block ads, as it does, I have not yet figured it out, just could not find the right tool, but according to the authors it is, we will believe them.
You will also be able to change the appearance of the program through skins, there is a built-in utility for reading RSS feeds, and with the help of plug-ins you can expand the program’s capabilities. You will be able to organize your tabs by groups, which is quite convenient, there is also a built-in download manager, you can also leave notes and then view them right in the browser window, and if you want, you can view two tabs at once. Maxthon knows how to track URLs of all media files on the page, after giving you a list of them, and all your settings, favorites and so on can be stored on the Maxthon server, so when you come to a friend you can always use your data.

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