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MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab

MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab review

SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab is a program with a wide range of features and versatile tools for complete, professional digitization, cleaning and sound recovery. Perfectly works with different types of recordings, in skilled hands will give excellent results in the output. As the authors of this great development write, they were able to implement support with just one click of the mouse to effectively cope with the task, so the scope of application becomes much wider due to maximum ease of use. Separately, it is worth noting a rather impressive list of features, which gives the right to call this product “Swiss Knife” only in the digital world.

All possibilities are divided into categories, for example, Digitization – with its help you can literally make a couple of mouse clicks to transfer to your personal computer the necessary tracks, the software can work with albums received from cassettes or even gramophone records – all this in the output will give high quality up to 6 kHz/24-bit. If you have an audio disc, it’s also easy to transfer tracks to your PC. If you have a licensed disk, the program will be able to find the necessary information about the album and the artist on the Internet, add it to the tags, so you can navigate comfortably later.

There is a so-called “recovery and further cleaning” chip – which is divided into two others, spectral and automatic. The first one will allow the experienced user to view in a convenient way the frequency distribution of sound and already in manual mode to eliminate both noises and other inaccuracies, everything visually and conveniently. The second mode itself will analyze the track, decide where there is noise and other inaccuracies, then remove and provide the result, whether you like it or not, the question is different, but it will take much less time.

SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab has a number of functions responsible for convenient management, such as a built-in assistant – it allows you to automatically get quick access to the right tools responsible for improving the sound and clearing the noise. There are a large number of presets, almost four hundred, suitable for each case, using them you will save a lot of time. So-called infobox – there you can find a lot of tips, instructions how to use any chips.

Among a great number of advantages we should mention 64-bit recognition technology, the possibility to connect plug-ins like VST3, you get as many as eight professional tracks for convenient and quick work with sound, support of spectral display with the help of which you can find and get rid of noises as possible and not only a built-in audio and video converter working with all the popular audio formats.

To experience all the features, I advise you just to download MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab free of charge with a key / скack in the archive for free on our website and do it not through a torrent download, and a direct link in the full news, just below screenshots. After saving and unpacking the archive you will get a folder with SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab at the output where you can install it and then apply the drug for free, if it is a crack then just copy the files with the replacement of the original, if the key, then most likely to block software access to the network and enter, in general, the instruction is attached, I think you can find out without me, all good luck!

Key Feature:

  • Digitization, cleaning & restoration
  • 64-bit technology & VST3 interface
  •  8 audio tracks
  • NEW! Audio cleaning with iZotope RX 7 Elements
  • NEW! Mastering with iZotope Ozone 9 Elements
  • NEW! WaveColor

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