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Lumion Pro is an excellent photorenderer program with an extensive set of tools for real-time 3D visualization. This product is very popular among professionals in the field of architecture, urban planning, and design. In addition, the program is often used to develop cinematic videos, as well as to create static scenes with dynamic surroundings. Many experts in the design use for the visualization of the professional version of Act-3D Lumio Pro, absolutely free to download the program for their needs.

In the functional Lumion contains a large number of tools for making independent three-dimensional rendering of good quality. And users do not have to waste their time on outsourcing rendering, long to prepare and adjust the scene to visualize, with the capabilities of Lumion your time is freed to implement new creative plans and tasks, ensuring an amazing result. The user only has to select the three-dimensional model, and then the application will work. In this modern program, the developers have combined the results of many years of work in the field of computer graphics, for ease of use Lumion has a very clear interface and is compatible with most of the world programs for three-dimensional modeling, such as Revit, SketchUp, ARHICAD.

Editing a project developed within the Lumion environment is done in real time, which greatly reduces the hours of work on it and allows you to set the settings for instant visualization, as well as replacing some unsuccessful, in your opinion, previous steps. Visualization of the final result is made thanks to an innovative technology gpu-rendering, it reduces the time of its preparation. At the same time, the user must take care about the availability of a fast video card. I draw your attention that you can download the program via torrent, a free version of Lumion Pro will be very useful in your work.

Of course, the rendering process is very important in the development of excellent visualizations, but to create interesting visual effects you need to have a lot of additional objects – sky, water, natural materials, plants, people, and so on, the developers also took care of this program Lumion, who developed a large content library, which placed a variety of tools, materials, vivid artistic effects. Here is a very clear integration, allowing you to make no extra movements, making additional objects in the project separately, but allows you to immediately make there the atmosphere, vegetation, people, add lighting and other content, thus giving life to its visualization. Great that the download of the program Lumion is allowed for free, it’s very convenient and most importantly, you can do it via torrent.

Many users, who have previously worked with the visualization, know how much time it takes to master the basics of this process, how much effort and time is spent on the rendering, and how complicated the programs can be. With the release of Lumion, however, there is a breakthrough in rendering and visualization, so there is no need to learn how to do it, because with the simple tools in the program users can do instant editing and rendering, and even novice users can handle the application functionality.

With the help of Lumion can be made visualization of the landscape, that is conducted the editing of huge areas, while it can be instantly brought into the scene of thousands of plants, houses, cities, and so on. Today, the program Lumion, according to users from all over the world, has become the only and unique application for fast and easy visualization and editing of large areas. Just recently this full version of the editor Lumion Pro was released, and those who have downloaded this software and tried it, are already writing positive reviews about the program.

Visualization of large three-dimensional projects in the program Lumion, based on the real-time, high quality pictures. Such clips look incredibly effective and natural. But the perfect final visualization from Lumion requires a game software engine. Each successive software version from the Lumion developers amazes with more and more technical innovations and higher and higher quality final works.

Top 5 reasons why professionals choose Lumion for rendering:

Lumion allows anyone to create movies and images without any prior preparation. It’s a functional tool to make beautiful 3D rendering on your own. You don’t need to outsource rendering anymore or spend huge human resources to prepare and constantly customize the scene for rendering. Lumion frees up huge resources for creativity, allowing you to focus on the best results instead of technically demanding tasks. All you need is a 3D model and Lumion takes care of the rest. With Lumion, you get years of experience from experts in computer graphics with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for your creativity. Lumion is compatible with all popular 3D modeling software products such as Revit, SketchUp and ARCHICAD.

With Lumion you can edit your work in real time. Everything is designed to save your time. This means that you can customize your visualization in just a few minutes and make quick changes as you go. The final results are visualized using GPU rendering technology. This ensures that your visualizations are ready in much less time than other solutions require. With Lumion GPU rendering speed, you don’t need a rendering farm to get great results. A good graphics card is welcome.

Rendering is just one of the things you need to create effective visualizations. To create beautiful visual effects, you also need beautiful skies, water, grass, materials, plants, people, trees and many other objects. Lumion includes a huge library of content with tools, materials and artistic effects. Everything is perfectly integrated so you can immediately add trees, people, lighting, atmosphere and other content to breathe life into your visualizations.

Traditionally, visualization has many limitations. Rendering takes a lot of time, and the software is almost always difficult to learn and use. Lumion turns this approach around by providing tools that anyone can use! No graphics training is required. Editing and rendering happens almost instantaneously, and it opens the door to new opportunities in your business that visualization provides. For example, you can customize real-time video on the spot, or you can add visualization effects to your sketch with an instant click, giving your work an immediate conceptual and artistic feel.

Most existing software can hardly handle the visualization of large models or large areas. Lumion’s unique technology makes this solution very suitable for things such as landscape rendering. You can easily edit large areas and add literally tens of thousands of trees, plants or buildings. We get a lot of feedback from our users that Lumion Key is currently the only software in the world that allows you to edit and visualize such large areas easily and quickly. There are even examples of whole cities visualized in Lumion!

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