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Live or Die: survival – MMO-adventure-survival project in which gamers will get everything for which they have come to love this kind of gameplay mechanics. Events take place some time after a deadly virus has swept over the planet, leaving behind only millions of zombies and few survivors who were immune. One of these lucky players will become. They are waiting for the construction, exploration territories, battles with mutants, communication with other participants, cooperation, counteraction, and much more with isometric camera and beautiful graphics.

Live or Die: survival

Live or Die review

Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro is a zombie survival action game where players have to fight for the life of the main character by surviving in horrific conditions. The plot of the game is traditional for simulators of this format. Military scientists have unknowingly created a virus that can destroy all life on the planet. People and animals are infected with a terrible virus and began to turn into mutants eating everything in their path. Only a few managed to survive and now in their hands is the key to salvation.

There are not many living people left, they are forced to hide and fight for their own lives in every way possible. In order not to get infected it is necessary not to let the mutants and go outside in the dark. You in turn have to explore the vast world, collect resources and fight the mutants. Look for food, water, lodging, collect the materials you need to build a shelter and do whatever it takes to survive.

The game includes elements of simulation and classic RPG, allowing you to pump up your character’s characteristics, unlock skills and abilities by destroying infected animals and people. Controls are standard for games of this kind, with a virtual joystick and a set of buttons available. Build a shelter, explore spacious locations, build walls and create weapons that can protect you and anyone who needs help.


  • You can craft things even if you don’t have the right resources;
  • Infinite gold, energy, and research points;
  • 1000 level;
  • The character is not hungry and not thirsty.

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Requirements: 4.4+

Download Live or Die: survival 0.3.478 APK [Mod] – (188.9 Mb)

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