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Lesspain Kyno

Lesspain Kyno

Kyno is a video manager. Kyno speeds up your video workflow by combining the tools you need for everyday tasks in one simple user interface.


  • Easy access to your videos – View your videos directly from your hard drive or SD card and play them back with a modern video player.
  • Quickly find content – Use the powerful detailing and search functions to find your videos.
  • Convert and export – Do you need image files for the cover or a H.264 version for playback? Kyno supports a variety of professional target formats, all in an easy-to-use interface, with great attention to batch operations.

Whats new:

The Kyno version 1.7 release adds ProRes export support for the Windows platform.
We are pleased to announce that starting with the latest version 1.7 of our Kyno media and workflow management tool, we now support the export of Apple ProRes on the Windows platform. This functionality will allow ProRes to be used in workflows, using Kyno as a tool for registering, preselecting, and converting data to Windows.

Starting with version 1.7, Kyno supports the export of all ProRes flavors on MacOS and Windows 7 and higher. This allows Kyno users to best prepare, convert and transfer subclip material at later stages of ProRes-based workflows on all of these platforms. “At Lesspain Software, we have been big fans of ProRes from day one and have seen it become the dominant codec in a wide range of video processes over the years.

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Lesspain Kyno RePack – (37.3 Mb)

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