Key Metric Software FolderSizes 9.5.425

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The really useful FolderSizes program will always check your hard drive for heavy folders and their size. When you find that your personal assistant is catastrophically short of memory, then this simple program will help you out. It will scan the entire hard drive in a short period of time and give detailed information about its condition. After this operation you can decide for yourself what is important to you and should be left on your computer and what is just trash cluttering the memory.

Key Metric Software FolderSizes

FolderSizes review

What is very convenient is that you can stop the scanning process at any moment and it will continue whenever you want and from the place where it stopped. FolderSizes can scan individually selected folders and files. It works great with Windows operating system. Always requires administrator rights to run it.

The main advantages of the program:

  • You can monitor the size of desired folders or the hard disk as a whole;
  • Sub-folder scanning;
  • sorting folders and files by date, size and name;
  • Saves information about scans automatically;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • easy enough to use.

The program shows the total size of folders and files. It will help to effectively put your hard drive in order. A visual percentage chart shows detailed information about the state of the disk. The user can set the unit of measurement for folders and files from bytes to gigabytes, which is very easy to switch between. You can download FolderSizes from our software portal. It won’t take long to install, and the usefulness of the program is really great. With it, you can easily find temporary and unnecessary files.

Whats new in the program:

  • Improvement: Various installer improvements.
  • Improvement: Improvements to the product command line interface.
  • Improvement: Improved scaling of main window icons at higher screen resolutions.
  • Improvement: Updated internal SQLite database to latest version (perf and bug fixes).
  • Improvement: Updated internal hashing libraries for performance and correctness.
  • Bug fix: Fixed interpolation of created and modified time stamps in file report tooltips.
  • Bug fix: Viscols command line parameter now applies to delimited detail report exports.

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License: ShareWare

Download Key Metric Software FolderSizes 9.5.425 – (24.3 Mb)

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