Jungle Adventures 2 16.1 APK [Mod] [Full]

Jungle Adventures 2

Jungle Adventures 2

Jungle Adventures 2

Winner of 24 FPS International Best Game Design 2016 award !!! The Fruity forest is in trouble, a mighty Magician has stolen all the fruits of the jungle to become Immortal. Addu, our fearless adventurer along with his loyal pet Bullion set out to bring all the fruits back to breathe new life into his homeland.


  • Addu could jump, swim and throw stones.
  • Now he can pick up, throw and glide.
  • He can ride his pets to assist him in his journey.
  • Run, jump and explore the Arcades.


  • Money


  • Jungle Adventures 2 Screenshot
  • Jungle Adventures 2 Screenshot


Requirements: 4.1+

Mod – (51.9 Mb)

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