JixiPix Pop Dot Comics 2.14 Crack [Full review]

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Pop Dot Comic is an interesting program that allows you to create illustrations from your pictures in the form of comic books. We upload a picture, just below choose the desired template, look at the result, if you do not like, to the right of any runners, turn right or left, change the effect so to speak, after you can already save the whole thing and share with your loved ones. In general, everything is clear, simple, convenient, clear, not difficult to shorten.

JixiPix Pop Dot Comics

Like other developments from these authors, you will not encounter any obstacles on the way to get acquainted with the interface. I won’t list all the effects, I don’t see much sense in it, there are many of them, they are different, everything is adjusted, this is the main message, I think you can cope with it further.

I will add only that do not forget to download Pop Dot Comic you can below, the latest version of the program we distribute for free, and inside the archive after downloading you will find the crack and key, good luck to all!



  • 5 Comic-book style halftone effects
  • 5 Benday dot, line and halftone sizes
  • Adjustable color area and outlines
  • Comic book-style border with adjustable width, inset and color
  • Paper tinting
  • 46 Papers
  • 48 Fun stuff objects and visual sound effects
  • 48 Editable speech bubbles
  • 100 One-touch settings

COMIC Styles

  • Sunday Comics—creates a cartoon photo
  • Halftone—transforms a photo into a halftone newspaper photo
  • Pop Comics—converts photos into a bright pop art Lichtenstein-style cartoon
  • Pulp Comics—renders a cartoon with vintage colors on aged pulp paper
  • Noir Comics—creates a contrast toned or black and white comic with selective color like those seen in the Sin City series

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JixiPix Pop Dot Comics 2

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