JixiPix Hand Tint Pro 1.0.19

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Hand Tint Pro is another program from JixiPix Software, which is famous for its developments in the field of graphics processing. Now you will have everything in your hands for manual tinting and coloring of your photos, and the aim of this event is to give them a vintage or artistic style.

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro

Hand Tint Pro review

The software will be useful for those who just want to refine the photos, let’s say adding blushes to the cheeks, there is a tool responsible for creating B&W photos, and if you go to the brightness settings, you can add the effect of light. About a large number of filters I think it is not necessary to write, it is perfectly visible from screenshots all, and if they were not here, I think there was no sense in the software. So there are a lot of them and all of them will help you to give your photos a unique look. All the changes you make can be brought back in case you’re not happy. It is possible to work with layers, add new ones, mix them, change only a certain part of the image. In general, the program pleased me, I think you too, almost all the developers from these publishers are pleased with its functionality and abundance of filters, of course, it is good that the layers were connected, without them it would not be the same.


An easy workflow with a professional layering system has modes for tint, tone, color, multiply, soft paint or paint that can be changed per layer, and a powerful color selection tool to keep brushing inside isolated areas for fast colorization and accuracy. It is important to have fun while creating beautiful photo memories so a forgiving erase brush is there to wash away mistakes occurred during the painting process. If you need to stop, not a problem! Use the save project feature and return to finish when you are ready.


  • Black and White —turns a photo into a classic black and white with options to adjust the RGB channels. A strength slider gradually blends the photo’s original colors back in, if desired, for a variety of customized looks before the tinting process begins.
  • Luminescent —adds dreamy brightness combined with subtle texture—that you control, as you brush on color, tint or tone
  • Vintage —ages the photo with image toning and adds distressed paper for a beautiful and unique basis of your tinting project


  • 3 Photo Effects—Black & White, Luminescent & Vintage (also known as background effects, creates the base photo layer for hand tinting)
  • 3 Layer Styles—Colorize Layer allows the original color to be brushed back in, Paint Layer allows customizable coloring using paintbrushes and color palettes, Auto Paint Layer allows original color to be removed, and a base layer called Background Effect to change photo effects styles on-the-fly without changing the hand colored layers above it—this allows you to be creative without repainting the image.
  • Layer Modes—on every layer feature Color, Tint, Tone, Multiply, Soft Paint and Paint modes. These modes are designed to change the look of painted or colorized areas for unique and infinite variations.
  • RGB Sliders—found on the Background Effect allow for pro mixing of light and dark areas in the Black & White and Luminescent effects.
  • Film Grain Slider
  • Soften Slider
  • 6 Paper Surface Textures
  • 25 Color Palettes—consist of multiple swatфches created for seasons, hair color, eye color and skin tones plus 2 Romantic palettes for dreamy gardens and seascapes.
  • 36 Textures for adding an aged and worn paper effect
  • 15 One-touch customizable Presets—create the Background Effect
  • 3 Paint Presets—with layer styles and brush colors already in place for learning and understanding the layering process.
  • Save Project—will save your hand tint project externally, or share projects with co-workers and friends. This feature keeps all layers and brush colors in tact.
  • Randomize Button—automatically changes the settings on the Background Effects.

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License: ShareWare

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