IObit Software Updater Pro

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IObit Software Updater Pro

IObit Software Updater Pro review

Here’s the IObit Software Updater in Pro Edition – downloaded free of charge with a key in the archive below, this tool that scans your system, checks all installed software, compares it with the online database, and then informs you if an update is available. Sounds cool, but the bad news is that so far the database is small and finds only the most popular programs. There are also problems, such as software advised to update the XPOM, which itself successfully does it without any hints, so I consider this information redundant.

IObit Software Updater – useful for those who do not download Windows 10 applications from the company store, then almost all installed software will not be automatically updated. Web browsers will of course notify you of the new version, your security software will have to update as automatically as Windows itself, but almost all other applications will run quietly and you’ll never know that an update is available unless you run the check yourself.

Please note that the program will create a system recovery point if you decide to update the applications on your PC, so if it causes the system to become unstable, you can rollback. You can also schedule an automatic update and add applications to your “ignore list”. So far, IObit Software Updater hasn’t found much use for itself, the new program, a good interface, convenient to use, here’s a small base, plus sometimes offers to update what I don’t need at all, but not an experienced user can trust and get the wrong result for which came to say so.

Key Features:

Keep your installed software up-to-date
The application was mainly designed to help you download and install updates for your software. When you launch it for the first time, it scans your PC for supported programs and checks if newer versions are available. If found, updates can be downloaded and installed automatically.

It is worth noting that IObit Software Updater only supports popular applications, so you cannot rely on it to keep all your installed software up-to-date. It would be great if more programs were supported, as being able to update less mainstream software would make it a lot more helpful.

Download and install recommended applications
Aside from updating existing software, IObit Software Updater can also help you download and set up recommended programs that can help you in various ways.

These applications are sorted into various categories (browsers, security, multimedia, etc.), and you can select multiple products and install them all at once.

Create restore points and restore your system if necessary
When you install updates, the application can create a restore point automatically. If you run into any issues with the newer versions of software, you can revert to an earlier restore point at any time.

To sum up, IObit Software Updater is a helpful program for users who need an easier way to keep their installed applications up-to-date, as well as install new software. However, it supports a limited number of products at present, so it would benefit from an expanded software database.

Whats New

  • Newly support updating 16+ programs like Google Drive, Auslogics BoostSpeed, and BurnAware
  • Fixed the bugs: Chrome 64-bit was mistakenly updated to Chrome 32-bit, wrong version information for NordVPN, and recognition failure of Blender name changes
  • Optimized multi-languages
  • Fixed minor bugs

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Download IObit Software Updater Pro – (21.8 Mb)

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