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You can Download Insofta Cover Commander for free

Insofta Cover Commander

Insofta Cover Commander

Insofta Cover Commander is an application for creating a professional level of illustrations of covers, clear 3D pictures of CD- and DVD-boxes, books, any screenshots that can be inserted into the screens of popular devices – TVs, monitors, or even in the frame of virtual iPhone and iPad, you can download Insofta Cover Commander in the full news below.

Working with content is simplified with the help of a wizard that will guide you through the settings and allow you to perfectly adjust the parameters of lighting, camera, shadows, real-time reflection.

After closing the wizard, you can return to the settings at any time, change their parameters and save the project in your own cpj format, and then export the project to the image of jpeg, bmp, gif, png – with transparency, or animation of gif – which also supports transparency, swf file and even avi, if someone suddenly wants to see the fruits of their work in the form of video.

Of course, all the characteristics of the final image or animation, such as size, position, number of frames in the animation, etc., can be selected to suit your needs before saving. As everyone has probably already understood, such images are often found in the design of sites, on the pages of books, on posters and in advertising.


  • Compose a scene from several 3D objects.
  • 3D mockups: Box, Box with disc, Disc, Screenshot, Curved screenshot, Book, Thin book, Manual, Vista box, Card, Spiral book, Laptop, iMac (Computer),
  • Display, iPhone 6s/SE/5c, Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 9, iPad, iPad with cover, Blu-ray box, Blu-ray with disc, Monitor, TV, DVD box, DVD box with disc, CD box, CD box with disc.
  • Let the built-in wizards do the dirty work for you and focus on the artistic details of the cover.
  • Create multiple projects, parse multiple images – with a single command (batch mode).
  • Save the result image with transparent background and use the picture for the complex web or print designs.
  • Save the light, shadow, and reflection settings under a unique name and use those settings in other projects.
  • Set the result image size (up to 4000×4000) and margins in pixels.
  • Draw your customer’s attention with an animated box, cover or screenshot.
  • Don’t pay more than what it actually costs to create a great cover. Create additional covers at no cost at all!

A Picture, a Wizard, and a Mouse Click
Cover Commander creates professional, custom-designed three-dimensional virtual boxes and mockups for your software, e-books, iPhone/iPad apps, manuals, and even screenshots. A simple picture, Cover Commander Wizard, and a few mouse clicks are all that’s necessary to get the job done. The program’s extensive light, shadow, and reflection controls allow you to render a box or a cover of just about any complexity and see the final product as it is being made in the real-time preview window. The intelligent project creation wizard does the complex work for you, thus you can concentrate on the creative part of your project.

Speaking Their Language
Cover Commander user interface is available in multiple languages, so no matter where you live and what language you speak – you can still create high-quality covers that would sell your product and help you become the number one in your market.

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Download Insofta Cover Commander 6.8.0 – (45.4 Mb)

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