Idle Factory Tycoon 1.86.0 APK [Mod] [Full]

Idle Factory Tycoon 1.86.0 APK [Mod] [Full]

Idle Factory Tycoon

Idle Factory Tycoon

Idle Factory Tycoon is a fascinating android game where you will manage the factory. In this game your main task will be to develop and expand your factory and get a passive income. Expand your workstations and produce more and more products. Manage your production and automate your workplaces by doing everything possible to increase your profits. Hire managers who will sell your products. Your employees will continue their work even if you leave the game. Improve your products and expand your jobs. Play this game and become the richest man in the game.


  • Manage your own factories and automate the workflow to get more idle cash
  • Your workstations continue producing, even when you are offline from the game
  • Invest your idle cash and boost your income
  • Hire managers to motivate the workstations
  • Use Super Cash to improve your products and sell them at a higher price
  • Open the game every 4 hours to get free Super Cash
  • Manage up to 30 different workstations in each factory (e.g. toaster, battery, car productions and airplanes)
  • Use trophies and prestige your factories to increase productivity!
  • No internet connection needed
  • In-App purchases available


  • Money
  • Increasing the level of mines and managers does not take money
  • Enhance skills don’t take their points
  • a lot of super banknotes we get for improvements

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Idle Factory Tycoon: Business!
Idle Factory Tycoon: Business!
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Requirements: 4.1+

Idle Factory Tycoon 1.86.0 APK [Mod] – (59.7 Mb)

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