iCalamus 2.20 MacOS [Full review]

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iCalamus is a desktop publishing solution for Mac OS X. This is professional program used to prepare for printing various publications. The application supports Uniocode, provides many specialized tools to achieve interesting effects in a simple way.

iCalamus offers a simple approach to ACDS and is an excellent choice for creating from simple posters to complex journals, research papers and book publishing.


iCalamus can import all images and text formats that are supported by Mac OS X. It is easy to capture text content from large PDF documents for further text processing. You can import images from your digital camera, scanners or iPhoto library, and full web pages. All printers are supported. App can additionally output documents in various PDF formats (e.g.: PDF-X, encrypted PDF, Fax PDF).

Whats new:

Updated features:

  • Add preference: set enable/disable frame upon object creation
  • Dark mode improvements
  • Font menu preferences
  • Adjusted thickness slider

Bug fixes:

  • Improved exception handling
  • Fixed crash during import of some old 1 file

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Requirements: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

Download iCalamus 2.20 MacOS – (105 Mb)

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