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Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn RePack

XXXI century. Chaos reigns on Earth, and everything is ruled by robots in the guise of dinosaurs. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Mechanical creatures have become the dominant creatures in a post-apocalyptic world. Aloy, a girl of not quite traditional sexual orientation, lives in this disaster. She is a hunter, proficient with the bow. To survive, she needs to kill robots, extracting minerals, all sorts of rare components and even electricity from them. Aloy is extremely clever and cunning. In order to achieve her goals, the beauty does not bend to anything, using stretching, arrows, contact fighting and eliminating the enemy surreptitiously. She uses the components extracted from the robots to create new items, with which her methods of warfare against the enslavers become more sophisticated and advanced.

In the game, humanity has been thrown back to prehistoric times after some sort of man-made disaster, and nature has been overrun by robots in the form of animals. Humans hunt these “animals,” and the gameplay is rarely thrilling.

The creators of the KillZone series, left aside the confrontation between Helghast and Vektans and are working on a new action game Horizon: Zero Dawn. According to the plot, in the distant future, robots have taken over humanity, the remnants of civilization are in ruins, and people have returned to prehistoric society. The player will have to take the role of a young hunter Eloi, who will fight for survival and fight with huge dinosaur-like robots. The developers promise a large open world, advanced graphics and a lot of opportunities to pump the hero and improvise in battles.

You will control Ela, a young huntress who tries to learn about her origins by exploring the remains of an ancient past. From birth, Eloi has avoided her tribe, learning to be a nimble, cunning and murderously accurate machine hunter, defending herself against hostile tribes and surviving in a ruthless wilderness environment.

Game Features:

  • Travel through a world filled with strange artifacts and abandoned ruins to discover its deepest secrets. How did machines subjugate this world? What happened to the civilization that was here before? The answers may determine the fate not only of Eloi, but of all humanity.
  • In this in-depth role-playing game you will have to engage in complex and varied tactical battles. Combine primitive equipment with advanced technology to create weapons that will turn predators into your prey. Develop your own strategy to fight a variety of machines, then trade in the parts of the hunted mechanical beasts.
  • Explore the stunning beauty of the game world. Travel through wonderfully detailed forests, grandiose mountains and impressive ruins of a long-gone civilization. The world around you is full of life, night replaces day, and the weather conditions pleasantly diversify the gameplay.


  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Carja Storm Ranger
  • Outfit and Carja Mighty Bow
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Banuk Trailblazer
  • Outfit and Banuk Culling Bow
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Banuk Traveller Pack
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Nora Keeper Pack
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Carja Trader Pack
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC

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Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Guerrilla
Language: English, Russian, MULTi
Language of voice:  English, Russian
Tablet: (DRM-Free)

System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10 (x64)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD FX 6300 3.5GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3GB) / AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB)
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 11
Free space on hard disk: 57 GB

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition [ + DLCs] RePack – (50.08 Gb) Fast Download

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