Honkai Impact 3rd 2.4.0 APK [Mod] [Full]

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd

“Honkai, the mysterious power responsible for destroying human civilization countless times, has descended upon this beautiful world once again…” With the lands now flooded with deadwalkers and Honkai beasts, a group of girls bearing the burdens of despair continue their fight onward. Will there be any hope of clinging to survival?”
Honkai Impact 3 follows the story of Kiana and her team’s resistance against the Honkai. In an epic adventure of saving the world, the experiences of the Valkyries—Kiana, Mei, and Bronya gradually unfold. Players will play as Captain of the warship Hyperion, commanding each of the unique Valkries in their fight against deadwalkers and Honkai beast around the globe. Players will progress through various stages, experience different storylines, and fight together for all that is beautiful in the world!


The Ritual Returns
After longing for 500 years, she has finally returned.
Kallen, the most prominent warrior of the Kaslana family, joins the fight as Ritual Imayoh!
—The journey of knighthood begins here.

Kallen’s Fantasy VII
Developed with the generous support of the Schicksal’s Bishop Otto, the legendary RPG Kallen Fantasy VII will be unveiled for all to play for the very first time!
Players will take on the role of exchange student Kallen and help her fight her way to the top of St. Freya High School!

Flame Sakitama and Celestial Hymn
In a dream, the miko was awakened in the form of a warrior, weilding two blades in her hands and dancing among flames.
After 100 years, the saint’s longing hadn’t yet faded, and her soul had become a robe of loving expectation.
Yae Sakura’s A-rank Flame Sakitama awakened form and Theresa’s S-rank Celestial Hymn awakened form have arrived for battle!
“I must ask you to please protect this world, as well as her.”

Babylon’s Prisoner
Just outside the doors of Babylon Laboratory, a story continues to unfold…
Truth and warmth, illusion and escape. Those who have been imprisoned, do they just have no where to let their thoughts find rest, or are they simply just abandoned, lonely hearts?
Ich liebe dich
Can this magical incantation found in the diary bring the girl’s desires to reality?

Divine Keys
The destined war between mankind and the Honkai has never ceased.
These Divine Keys carry the final hopes of mankind and are the keys to defeating the Honkai.
Now, the dormant powers of the Divine Keys are waiting to be awakened…


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  • Honkai Impact 3rd Screenshot


Requirements: 4.3+

Mod – (85.5 Mb)

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