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FontCreator is an application with which you can develop your own unique font to work with graphics programs. You can download the program + activation code on this website.

High-Logic FontCreator Pro

High-Logic FontCreator Pro review

This utility can even recreate a handwritten font by scanning it into a digital format. However, the easiest way to develop a font is to format a previously used one.

To create a new font, use the File-New command to open the New Front window. After creating a blank sheet of the drawing form, a form with images of various symbols, signs, letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers will pop up.

To use the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet, you should enter the command “insert symbols”. A window will appear in which you must enter the answer “Yes”. A table of characters of the initial font in the list will pop up. For comfort, you should choose Arial. Then go to the Cyrillic list and find the code of letters from A to Z. Enter a range of codes and agree, and you see the Cyrillic letters appear in the form.

FontCreator is able to:

  • change a vector image;
  • turn symbols into a vector image;
  • apply filters.

The application is great for both regular users and experienced professionals, because you can easily perform any task. Here you can not only edit the existing font, but also create completely new designs.

The software developers offer a huge amount of auxiliary material and built-in design elements, which will allow you to quickly redesign symbols and visually augment fonts. Additionally, you will be able to quickly optimize the project for third-party use on the web or in the work of other similar utilities.

Editor Features:

  • The most popular font editing platform in the world;
  • Professional level of work;
  • Ability to create new character sets;
  • In-depth modification of visual parameters of projects;

Separately have to enter codes of letters “Yo” big and small. Everything is ready to create your own font. To use the full version of the utility you need to use the key.

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Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download High-Logic FontCreator Pro – (52.7 Mb)

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Download High-Logic FontCreator Pro Beta – (26.3 Mb)

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