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Hex Editor Neo

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Hex Editor Neo is a software product that is designed to edit hex and binary documents for Windows. On this page you can download the utility for free in a couple of clicks.

The main characteristic of the editor can be considered an excellent ability to carry out data research, their subsequent correction. The tree-like structure of the investigated file allows you to do all sorts of difficult manipulations with the code with maximum convenience.

You can also make an unlimited number of times to cancel and return after fixing. In addition, the program has comfortable opportunities to search and replace data.

Hex Editor Neo has the ability to select, view, edit, replace, debug and analyze data. An important quality of the program is the ability to open multiple files at the same time (support for tabs). With the editor, for example, you can make file patches with two mouse clicks.

Manipulate your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG files with unlimited undo/redo capabilities. The history of the work done looks in a tree-like form, you can always easily go back to the desired or original view of the data.

The main features of the application are:

  • It is possible to join and split documents;
  • provision of detailed statistics;
  • option to place bookmarks;
  • it is possible to change the RAM area;
  • option of irretrievable deletion of documents.
  • Possibility to exchange files with other programs.

The application has an interface in which you can open several windows. You can use the software to browse, search, change, and customize data. You can also buy the professional version Hex Editor Neo Ultimate with extended functionality.

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Hex Editor Neo settings

Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download Hex Editor Neo – (15.5 Mb)

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