HEU KMS Activator 26.0.0

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HEU KMS Activator review

HEU KMS Activator is a simple and efficient KMS activation tool based on the KMS server emulator from the MDL forum. Applicable to Windows, Office and VL versions, one-click activation without an Internet connection and automatic offline software activation. KMS is Microsoft’s enterprise authorization service for Windows and Office. KMS can be used to activate products on a local network. And this tool uses a KMS server built into the system, so you can easily activate both Windows and Office.

The probability of successful activation through HEU KMS Activator is very high and the speed of activation is very good. The program supports almost all VL version products with corporate authorization;

For products that are not directly supported by the software, you can also activate the product manually by configuring the built-in KMS server;

Supports backup of activation information for Windows system and Office software, reinstalling the system or software allows you to easily restore activation.

Features five icons in the upper right corner: adjust the background color, change the background image, switch to classic interface/switch language/toggle activation scheme, minimize and exit the program.

Buttons of frequently used functions are displayed with an “orange” icon, just hover the mouse pointer over the button and a brief introduction will be displayed automatically.

The buttons of additional functions are displayed with “gray” icons, it is recommended to read the “User Manual” carefully before using them.

Whats new:

  • Fix the problem that the middle horizontal line cannot be automatically recognized when the ID is confirmed during installation.
  • Fixed the bug that the server could not be connected when manual KMS was activated.
  • Fix the bug that the execution fails due to the System32 directory identification error under the 64-bit system.
  • Fix the bug of wrong judgment of Windows 2019 ServerTurbine version.
  • Fix the bug that Windows based on ARM64 processor recognizes as x86 or AMD64.
  • Optimize the method of identifying the system version name, which is consistent with the attribute (system information).
  • Optimize digital rights/KMS38 activation.
  • Optimize OEM activation.
  • Support key installation on Windows XP system.
  • Win10/11 version conversion is safer: adopt Microsoft’s official method, remove the version that is not officially supported, and add support for Server.
  • If “Online KMS Server” is enabled, automatic renewal will not be installed during smart activation.

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