Hetman Data Recovery Pack 3.8

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Hetman Data Recovery Pack

Hetman Data Recovery Pack Key

Hetman Data Recovery Pack – this digital product is a very powerful and high-tech collection of eight auxiliary programs that specialize in only one task – the recovery of lost components. In this case, each variation of the software has its own individual skills, and useful aspects of the work.

For example, some have much more capabilities when recovering data from different media, while others work better with a particular file system. Choosing the most suitable option is very easy, as there are special system prompts.

This result was achieved thanks to an innovative algorithm that allows you to recover information without loss. Moreover, it is not the only one and works in combination with others. And it doesn’t matter on what medium it was recorded. It can be a hard drive and not only. Among other things, it will be possible to recover the contents of files, names, and directory structures.

However, for all its usefulness and relevance, this product still has one very significant disadvantage – the need to buy a license key. But we offer you to download this software from our official portal for free, with an already registered license.

The advantages of the software:

  • Eight individual and universal add-ons;
  • Wide range of functionality;
  • Intuitive operation principles;
  • High efficiency in recovering lost or damaged files;

To download this collection of applications from our portal for free, you just need to click on the link attached to the active tab.

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Hetman Data Recovery Pack settings

Password for archiv: kolompc.com

License: ShareWare

Download Hetman Data Recovery Pack 3.8 – (188.9 Mb)

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