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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro review

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is a software that collects comprehensive information about the state of your computer’s hard drive and also analyzes it for any errors and failures. Working in background mode, the program will always alert you to problems, whether it’s a slight increase in optimum temperature, a decrease in data transfer rate, errors, or something else. The interface boasts a practical and very pleasing to the eye design. All the software tools are conveniently grouped into different tabs, the main of which are placed in the upper part of the window on the work panel. At the same time, besides collecting a huge amount of information online, the application also supports the construction of charts that can visually demonstrate the change in the most important parameters and make predictions for the near future. In addition, this program provides a huge number of options through which you can fine-tune the operating parameters.

Features of the program:

  • wide functionality and great variability of settings;
  • Display all sorts of information about the hard drive;
  • operability in the background mode, timely notification on the occurrence of failure or an increase in temperature;
  • ability to perform various tests;
  • enabling the option of backup in case of failure or emergency shutdown of the PC;
  • support of “hot” keys;
  • the ability to flexibly configure the work according to a pre-scheduled schedule;
  • presence of graphs that show the changes in the most important parameters, and many others.

Whats New:

  • fixed Health % display for some Sandisk SDSSDH3 solid state drives

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