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Gillmeister Folder2List

Gillmeister Folder2List review

Folder2List is a program for quick and easy display of the list of files and folders. Select data to display from a variety of properties and format data with different settings. The software supports metadata such as EXIF, IPTC, ID3, video attributes and can work with documents. This allows you to intelligently list, for example, information about your MP3 files or photos. The program offers many options for customizing the appearance of lists. With a few simple clicks you can customize the font, background color, frames and so on. You can save these settings as a profile and then return to them, or you can choose ready-made profiles. The generated folders or file lists can be printed and exported to various formats (XLS, Excell-XML, PDF, HTML, CSV and TXT).
When creating data lists, you can use options such as size, creation date, file extensions. In addition, you can use different metadata contained in files. This feature allows you to create, for example, MP3 lists that store information about artists, album and genre. With Folder2List, you can easily print out the contents of a folder. Or you can save the contents of a directory as a text file, CSV file, and others that you need to further process the extracted information. It is also worth writing about advanced filtering and sorting functions, they can be applied to many properties (such as file extensions, image size and creation date).

Key Features:

  • Print simple file lists (e.g., only output file names);
  • Create file lists that contain different properties for files (e.g., creating MP3 file lists);
  • Printing folder lists to display the number of files and total size;
  • Create lists of files for direct further processing, e.g. for import into a database;
  • Printing the contents of CDs;
  • Create detailed folder lists to visualize certain properties of folders;
  • Exporting Folder Lists or Files – different output file formats are supported;
  • Automatically create lists using a command line mode (e.g. using a script).

Whats new:

  • After deleting columns, a previously possibly selected category had to be selected again, because the default setting Show All Categories was restored.

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