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Get to know PhotoKey 8 Pro, a fairly unique program for separating an object in one photo and merging it realistically with another, with the addition of a variety of effects and very convenient dynamic scaling of the combined layers (I have never seen anything like it before). The program supports chroma key technology – a method that automatically removes the specified color from the image, which is often used in photography and film. After shooting your subject against the green screen, you can easily replace it with any background using PhotoKey. Also PhotoKey 8 Pro integrates perfectly as a plugin in Adobe Photoshop.

FXhome PhotoKey Pro

FXhome PhotoKey Pro review

PhotoKey can separate an object in a photo from a monochrome background, green or blue, using chromakey technology.
And the green background color is removed automatically and very correctly: you just need to shoot, for example, a person or an object on a green background, then import this photo into the program as a foreground (foreground), add the background (background) and you can start creating composites, or combining layers.

In doing so, you can do a lot of things with these plans: resize, rotate, move and add different color and other effects, text and so on. The program processes your composition pretty quickly and very well, you can, for example, put the person shot on a green background in some other photo, or on a forest landscape, etc. Here’s how on the screenshot, for example:)
The program has over 30 effects and presets to choose from, in general, shooting portraits on the green screen is ideal for fashion, advertising and family photos. PhotoKey 8 Pro compensates for the unevenness of green screens, which means faster shooting speed, easier keying (the process of combining two or more images or frames within a single composition) and higher quality edge detail.
The software also automatically smoothes out the green background when there are various irregularities, i.e. it ultimately removes it correctly (for example, you shot against a green background crease background).

Of course, first of all, the program is designed for professional photographers, but it will suit all of us, because everyone nowadays has a mobile phone with a camera, all you need to do is to stretch some green material, shoot against its background object (a man in a winter hat, and with ski sticks, for example) and place it against the background of a ski resort, next to the president:).

The program is also convenient because it allows for batch processing of photos and working with thousands of images simultaneously. If necessary, the program can store project files in its own format, and the dark, intuitive interface makes PhotoKey an ideal solution for beginners and professionals. In general, the program is very much worthwhile to create different compositions, the processing it produces is certainly possible in other photo editors, but there you need to sweat and spend a lot of time on those activities that in PhotoKey takes seconds. In my opinion, it does more qualitatively, too. So try it and use it if you like. I think the program will not disappoint you. Good luck with composing 🙂

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